Sunday, May 20, 2012

Me Today

:: 22 weeks pregnant!
:: anxious about our business and farm
:: spreading our Biodynamic Preps around our home garden and orchard in this pic
:: anticipating a new little soul joining our oh-so-busy family
:: worrying about trivial things
:: worrying about how it will all work out
:: seriously enjoying the ages and stages of my children:
    Baxter - independent, footy mad and social
    Gretta - hungry to learn and sympathetic
    Monty - super cheeky and wise beyond his almost 3 years 
:: creating in the kitchen. usually without a recipe
:: thankful for good friends
:: in a strange funk

Sometimes crazy to go with the ebb and flow of life. How do you bring it all back to a manageable level?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

the rag rug

Months ago - after a large closet clean out for the entire family, I decided to embark on creating a rag rug.  Inspired by Amanda Blake Soule, I set out to whip this puppy up.

Well, To be honest, I restarted it 3 times. Yes THREE times.

It got to the point where I left it in the spare room and kept away from it for a while.  After we re-vamped Baxter's new room it has been staring at me. Calling out to me to be finished and fixed.

It was a bit "bubbly" in the middle - ie: too tight and it bubbled up in 2 spots.  I had an epiphany the other day to just cut out the middle.  So I did.  It was either that or pull the whole blasted thing apart again and start over.
Off I went with the shears...

hacked out the middle few rows...

pulled together the middle to get rid of the bumps...

and weaved it back together.

(photo's by Gretta)

Happy once again - I've added 3 rows of bright blue to the outside rings and we're not stopping there!  Unfortunately sitting on the floor - which you have to do when it gets bigger - is the WORST thing for my back.  I've been in pain for 2 days (not to mention that I did eat nightshades on my whirlwind trip to Melbourne for 500 baby chickens and some egg boxes with 2 sick kids...)

So, I might pop it to the side until I can find a way of doing it without becoming a painful monster.  But,  I can't wait to get it finished.  I envision it running to the dark blue to purple to orange to red on the outside.

My pointers for rag rugs:
1. do the braiding LOOSELY - if you don't there won't be give in it to make it sit nicely on the floor.
2. attach the strips by cutting slits in each end of strip and pull through each other to connect.  Do not use knots.  And sewing them??? You've got to be kidding - you'll be there for years.  
3. cut heaps of strips, with the slits in each end for connecting.  then do heaps of braiding, and then do the weaving it together.
4. If I were to start this rug for the 4th time... I would have made the middle strip about 2-3 feet long.  Not 12 inches.  I think it would make for a less bumpy finished product - getting around the tight corners take a bit of finesse.  


Happily growing the baby bump by the way, and totally happy that we're having a fourth baby (finally!)...  Have now decided to have this baby in Foster in a hired birthing pool with a doula at the Hospital.

I would certainly be having a home birth if it were not going to cost me upwards of $3000 - shame on you Australian Government for making it so difficult for the Independent Midwives.

The hospital has been very accommodating to my hippy ways, and I'm happy with my decisions.  I guess in the end - that is the most important thing!  Besides - staying in the hospital with my meals being brought to me for a couple of days sounds more appealing that getting back home to 3 demanding, lively, lovely children with a baby on me!

Kiddos are all being very cuddly and sweet.  Talking through my belly button to the baby. Nic took these pictures this morning after breakfast.  They were clobbering me and we were talking about where they might choose to go when they have their 10th birthday holiday with their momma.

When they were little babies I decided that I would take each child individually to a country of their choice for a 10 day holiday with just me.

So far the bets are in -
Baxter: Russia to see the Kremlin and to wear wooly hats
Gretta: Camping in South America (I was hoping for Paris, but I love this option too!)
Monty: Mexico & Italy (in hopes to find his mate Fermin!)

Happy Days to you and yours... xx