Wednesday, August 31, 2011

blog fog & beaches

Ahh - life keeps charging ahead, doesn't it?
Apologies for my "blog fog" but it's been business as usual around here. Flat out with Milk and Eggs, Family, Kindergarten, Marketing, Mud and Kid stuff.

Here's a few snaps from one of my favourite things to do at the moment - call an impromptu beach bbq and/or picnic with our great pal's. We just chuck in a basket whatever is edible and see what we come up with. It is always a breath of fresh air and does everyone's heart a whole lotta good. I've made a few new friends and have been enjoying the friends that I already know and love a little bit more lately. They re-fuel me and I cherish friendship. Don't you!?

Hey - guess what - today is the last day of winter!! Hurrah!!
Hope some sunshine floats it's way to you soon.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

lighthouses and ambulances

How lovely it is to have a big brother that goes thru the entire book of transport telling you about ambulances, helicopters, tanks, motorcycles and the like in your very own "mine. new. bed". 
Yep - life is good for a little 2 year old around here. 

He's developed beautiful little relationships with the big 2 - and the big 2 are pretty happy that Monty is starting to communicate with words rather than grunts and cries. 

We nipped off the farm for 2 hours of sunny bliss at Cape Liptrap Lighthouse
with our good friends last Saturday.

It was good for the soul.
It was good for the heart.
It was good for the family. 

Whale watching.
good whole food.
exploring, laughing, giggling.

Note to self: do this more often.
Little effort = maximum head clearing and happiness.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

jumping in!

Hello - happy hump day!
It is a magnificent South Gippy Day today.
I'm out planting some flowers - Peony's, Lilly's, Camelia, Lavender and herbs.

We (Ruby Hills Organics) have started a lovely relationship with Ceres Fair Food in Melb's.

Do you ever get those super good feelings that you are doing the right thing, and are in business with some really ace people? Well, that's how we feel. Ceres is a wholehearted, caring, involved group that we're proud to be supplying our farm produce to. If you live in Melbourne, hook yourself up with Ceres. You'll be glad you did.

Our lovely moo juice is creeping out into the greater world as we speak.

There's been a lot of planning to go into our Bath Milk (for cosmetic purposes only), but we're nearly there.
And thanks to Ceres, we've kicked it into action!