Monday, January 28, 2013

Jam Day

Vanilla plum jam.  Our kitchen smells divine! The afternoon yesterday saw us in the Orchard picking the blood plums before the birds massacred them.  In our kitchen today plum cake and jam. 
Already in the pantry we have plain plum jam from our other tree.  Lovely since we have not had a good year for berries. 
Irrigation on the farm... It's our first dry year here at Fish Creek. Nic calls it irritation instead.  I can see his point.
Do you make your plum jam with the songs in or out.  I like the flavor better with stones in for some reason.  A bit more work but worth it. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Salon,

Dear Future Hair Stylist,

Hello, I'm the customer.

I have booked you - the senior stylist for a haircut.

That means that when I ask you to not give me a mullet - you should not give me a mullet.

When I ask for an a-line bob that I can tie up - you should veer away from just a shoulder length hack-job.

If I tell you I'm growing my hair out - please do not layer it up to my earlobes.

I do not want to be triple booked in-between 2 glaring pensioners and 4 children's haircuts.

I also do not want to be there for an hour and fourty five minutes for a haircut or FIVE hours for a cut and colour.

I do not want my hair fried by the chemicals so that it breaks when I try to do anything with it when I get home.

I do not want the apprentice drying my hair and scorching my ears and scraping my neck.

I do not want the apprentice shampooing my hair with limp tissue hands that barely touch my scalp.  Or to just wash the side of my head that they happen to be standing next to - leaving the other side to be washed when I get home.

I do not want the apprentice scalding the ends of my hair with the straight irons.

In fact - I just plain do not want the apprentice near me -- that's why I booked you - the SENIOR stylist - for which I am paying.

For these simple pleasures - I will pay you well and enjoy my quick, accurate hair servicing.  Is this too much to ask!!!!????


I do believe that I have seen the last days of local hair salons. Recommendations for a good stylist in Melbourne would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Walkerville south

Perfect sunday arvo nap at walkie south!

Summer Days

Summer has landed and with it my husby's birthday and his new accessory... a Hobie Cat kayak.  

He's been banging on since we've moved here to get a kayak - and the man seriously does the work of three men in a day and usually with a kid in tow.  If there is ever a more worthy person to have a bit of joy from this thing - it is Nic. 
The maiden voyage was made on a windy Thusday evening at Shallow Inlet.  I nearly needed to put a lid on Baxter to keep from him bubbling over and spilling out of his skin.  

He's a thoughtful little man - reading their favourite book at the moment to his little brother to wake him from a sleep...

The eyelashes on him are ahhmazing.

The kiddos are so happy to be together most of the time.  It's funny how the dynamics change now with four...

a cool evening strapped to mama.  
wondering why she wasn't tucked up in her warm bed!

Gretta loves it.

...sheer terror...
might take the blondie a bit longer to get used to this thing.
he was in about 12 inches of water here.
Had friends around for birthday roast lamb lastnight - Edie May is gorgeous - Monty was lending a hand to push along on the Deere

And in a stroke of genius as we (the 6 adults) had laid all of the tucker out on the table, Nic suggested that we just eat and leave the kids to play.  
It was SO peaceful! 6 adults having a dignified dinner while the smalls that are so demanding at a table played outside.  We then chucked the leftover meat and veg and bits onto a couple of plates and they had a picnic on the trampoline.  Must remember this one again!

Our sweet Savvy (3 1/2 months) is rolling a bit and definitely in a good paddock.  She's been waking a few times in the night which has thrown me for a loop as she had been sleeping thru at 6 weeks! I think it may have to do with these summer evenings that we are staying out so late.

Facebook has been hogging all of my quick snaps that I take on the phone, but hopefully next week when my new phone arrives I will work out how to blog from it and then I can ignore Facebook instead of my blog! 

In the meantime - here's a few lately...

the makings of Nic's cake - Layered Guinness Cake with Lemon Filling topped with cream = YUM.  This is traditional birthday cake Lepage...

This was me lastnight 15 minutes before guests arrived for dinner.  Couldn't bear to take myself away from the babe to get ready...

Savvy and I at the Red Hill Market last weekend...

Gretta's latest masterpiece -- those are decorations on my legs - not hair.

The Baileys soaked Guinness Cake Trifle for Christmas.

The hideously hot night we had - this alarm clock was left on Baxter's bed and I found it as I was putting him to bed - look at the temp in the lower right hand corner.  Had to put him on my bed rather than COOK him.

Graffiti Alley in Melbs with the big kids...

Sleepy babe after an afternoon at the beach...

Hope your summer days are lovely like ours.