Saturday, November 26, 2011

tiny dancer

Our little sweetie pie had her very first ballet concert lastnight. She was so cute!
During rehersals - I was a bit worried she'd just stand there and suck on her posh pingy (her finger),
but she nailed it on the night - with all of the seriousness a little 4 year old could muster.

At one point one of the little dancers got out of place and bumped Gretta out of her spot - I thought there may be a small child hurled across the stage, but no - my little darling kept her cool and adjusted her spot to fit in her friend. So sweet. My heart bloomed.

we gave her a little oppy bunny and a rainbow big girl necklace
for her achievement over dinner at the pub before the performance.
Was very special to have nanny there to see her big night too.

a very dramatic tiny dancer, Nina...

So proud!

Friday, November 18, 2011

our family

We had the pleasure of having Miss Emma come to the Fishy pub on Melbourne Cup day to take family pics for the Fish Creek Kindergarten Fundraiser.

She and I have a few common threads running thru our lives, and now that we live in Vic - we've met up a few times, and we have the pleasure of attending her wedding next month! (her blog here...)

Anyway - a storm is brewing in the sky, and I'm playing computer instead of creating our dinner.. So we'll let Emma's pics tell the story of our little gorgeous clan. Happy Weekending. x

Monday, November 14, 2011

smoothie recipe

Good morning! Here's a few pickings from my garden at the moment in my
Great Grandmother's vase.
A lovely way to be greeted in my kitchen this morning.

Do you make smoothies? We do - maybe once a week... Or more - depending on whether or not I want to cook! We had an "accidental" smoothie this morning... And it was a pearler!

You see, I grabbed the 1L of fresh raw cream instead of the 1L of homemade yoghurt. And began pouring - probably 1/2 cup before my brain registered that the cream was going in.
It was sublime.

Here's the accidental smoothie recipe:

3 frozen bananas
1/4 c LSA mix (fresh ground kept in freezer)
4 egg yolks
2 probiotic capsules
1/2 cup fresh cream
1 cup fresh yoghurt
1-2 cups milk
dash of honey

Brain food, body food, gut bug food, energy food -- does it get any better!?
I however will be having my standard protein brekky of Organic, grass fed eggs after I slurp down a coffee that should really be eaten with a fork instead of drunk. *with cream of course!*
23 Kilos down for me! Hurrah!