Sunday, August 29, 2010

what gives?

Does this happen to you?
I get the flu for 2 days and this is what the place ends up looking like. 

As soon as I put my nagging stick down and just lie low, the tornado of children spills it's wrath upon my home.

To be honest, these are the tame photos. I didn't dare show you the bathroom after Gretta decided to make binoculars from toilet rolls. Unfortunately, she chose to use full rolls, so there was a lot of loo paper that needed to be displaced. Or the MOUNTAIN of washing to be done.  My dear dear husband always makes sure that the kitchen gets attacked, even after his 15 hour days. I love that man.

And really - in light of the floods in Pakistan, I haven't got a worry in the world.


It is just frustrating, is it not?

Now, let's get something clear. I am in NO way a clean freak. There are so many better things to do with my time than scrubbing and cleaning all of the time. In fact, I'm quite bad at it because I really don't like it.

And one more thing clear - I have three children under 4. Monty is a professional furniture removalist. Baxter and Gretta only clean up when I tell them that they will not be eating again until they tidy up. Is that child abuse?

But.. having said that - I am a stickler for my kids to make their beds and tidy their rooms in the morning.  They are also not allowed to trash the small livingroom/office - trashing is for the toyroom.


I've got to admit, I really like going thru blogland and seeing what and how other lovely, inspiring women make their home, spend time with their kids, take spectacular photos, etc etc.

I love the meme "my place and yours" -- although I never joined the crew.

Clever ladies have clever ideas for making life a bit better. Making it easier and more organized to get thru the day.

So, if I asked you what the ONE think is that makes your day easier - be it a clever way of storing something, getting the smalls out the door, laundrying, keeping your house tidy, etc... would you share it?  If you've had a superb idea that you just haven't quite implemented....  How bout you let me know - and I'll share here.

Leave me a comment with your "clever thing," or leave me a link and I'll compile them to blog em' up.

Come on - we can all use a little chunk of advice!

What's mine, you ask??
Hmm. Let me ponder that one.  I'll share mine with yours.

Now go on - share with me - I need all the help I can get!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

lemon + eggs + butter

By George we've got a lot of muddy eggs at the moment.

So... What does one do that has unlimited access to a substantial amount of divine organic eggs and a lemon tree the size of a small country?

We got stuck in and tripled a recipe for lemon curd.

(Note to self: when recipe calls for unsalted butter... don't use salted butter.)

Turned out yummy over a bought sponge cake from the markets today. Would have been supreme if it was also covered in lavish coatings of whipped cream too.

Don't worry. There's still sponge left (not to mention JARS of lemon curd).
Cream is in the fridge waiting for smoko tomorrow.


Saturday egg collection

Just a few snaps of the farm today.

Have a great weekend.


Best. Invention. Ever.

You see... In our business, it is a family business.  Our family does it all together. 
Credit to Massey Ferguson. See below....

did you see him?

Best. Invention. Ever.

Okay Okay - let's not go into safety ratings etc.
This lets the little ratbag go on the "bruuum bruuum" with dad.  Sadly, this beautiful thing is not ours, but occasionaly gets used to load a bale on the truck.

Daddy's right hand man is right there pointing everything out that Nic should see all the while not being able to pull any levers or squirm in his lap.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

off the hooter

My baby child is officially weaned.

I have mixed feelings about it because it might have been the last little one that I will ever feed.
However, breastfeeding is hard work for my body and energy, and I need every ounce of that back again.
So, my little darling is weaned. That is it. My longest breastfed baby is now on his own. And without too much harumphing from himself either.
(phew! - because I think I would have easily been talked out of weaning with a little clever nudging and objecting.)

He also had his very first big boy haircut in Melbourne on Thursday.  He wiggled like a worm, but she managed to get the whispy bits that tangle up off and fix up his sideburns to not look like a little scragglemuffin.  Fortunately, he still looks like my baby - just a bit more tidy.

And so.. this begs a question...

Before I  had Monty - I had two little cherubs.  I felt calm, happy, in control, and could manage anything.

Upon having 3 ankle biters, I felt totally overcome, still very happy about adding his precious little soul to our lives, but everything still seems 3times harder, and terribly overwhelming. 

So.... does this mean, now that he is weaned, walking, etcetera etcetera... That those feelings of calm will return one day?

Can I really manage being a calm, happy mamma of three?
Will I be able to sew again?
Do my artwork again?
Get into Gardening again?
Do the simple things that enrich me?
Will I be able to tackle our new (very challenging) farmhouse and get it to be a happy place for my family?

Because, to be honest - those things have had a big handbrake put on them for quite some time. 

Don't get me wrong... I would much rather NOT do those things and have the sublime love and enormous heart that I have for and with my family.

But tell me - is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Is there sleep for me in the future? Is there a chance of having some energy to run on instead of running on empty 24/7?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The big ship

My baby boys and I are are off to the big smoke doing an egg drop off at the Vic Markets this morning.

Then we are headed to the Melbourne Museum to see the exhibition on the TITANIC.
I heard about this coming to the city months ago and promised myself not to miss it.
I can't wait.

I also can't think of anything better to do on a rainy, windy, cold, Gippsland day!

Spare a thought for Nic and Gretta who will be fitting out a "chicky house" for rearing chicks.
In the wind.
In the rain.
In the mud.

Hmm. I might pay a visit to a Chocolatier and bring home a special treat for them.

Have a happy day.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

more Gippy wildlife

We've been whale watching at Warratah bay! A couple of lovely little family excursions to see them blowing their "steam" and waving to say hello.

Pretty special to have such magnificent creatures only 10 minutes away.

xx Amy
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wildlife rescue

There are many reasons this husband of mine reminds me of my dad, but this one took the cake.
He arrived home and waltzed in the door with a kookaburra under his arm.
As you do.

As my dad did - with many kinds of lovely little rescued animals.
The most memorable were "Chirpy" the baby robin that he brought home in his lunchbox. And then there was "Chippy" the baby chipmunk......

Well, Kookaburra only stayed with us for a few hours, but Nic rescued him, gave him a snack and let the kids have a good look at him.

Had any wildlife in your neck of the woods lately?

xx Amy
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