Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hello there…  There has been a bit of creating around our home at the moment.
A bit of nesting for this mama - 8 weeks out from having baby number 4.

And… you guessed it, it's meant to be a she!

I made a little birdie mobile for above the cot lastnight. With some old scrapbook paper and some twigs from the dormant apple tree out in front of the shed.  Five sweet little birdies to gently sway above the little one. 

It's been so lovely knowing what we're having so that I can just prepare the once.  This is the change and dressing area in our bedroom.  I love using a fold down wall hung table to change baby on.  We got it from Ikea waaay back when we were expecting my first born, and it's been a great way to change baby for tall me without having to bend right over.  It also allows for optimum nose snuggling and raspberry belly blowing while getting dressed and changed!  A basket of teeny (well for me - they're 000's) jumpsuits to take to the hospital, and some special dressy gear for baby's first outings - hung and at the ready.  

This is the wonderful Merino sleepsuit that Monty used till he was two from Nanny & Grandad - just girlified a wee bit.  

The bassinette is in our room with Ruby Red Shoes - gifted from big sister waiting to be chewed and snuggled on.  A knitted blanket from my Grandmother when we had Baxter fits just right. 

And in the kids room - baby's cot all prepared with a mama made qult and pillowcase.

Not long to go now.  Our family is about to be in love all over again!
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Sunday, July 22, 2012


I'm feeling very extravagant and indulgent at the moment.

Enter: Thermomix

Went to a friend's place for lunch a couple of weeks ago to see what this overpriced food processor was all about. I mean - come on - all the hype! It's like some kind of cult!

I came home a bit ..... let's say unexpectedly completely impressed.

I have had the sexy Kitchenaid on my list to one day invest in since we were married. Almost ten years have gone by and I still have my $30 hand blender that wheezes away and drops bits of old cake mix into the new mix that has been stuck up under the hood rattling away...

And then the food processor - I bought one over a year ago for about a hundred dollars - just to see if I would use it. Well, I do. A lot. And it too now wheezes away with gears crunching and skipping from overuse.

So, as a soon to be mother of 4 - I am swapping the sexy, curvy kitchen-aid and Cusinart for the all-together amazing machine - the Thermomix.

Arrives Tuesday and I find myself waking in the night thinking of it! Look at what it can do!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ten Weeks

30 weeks and counting till 4th and final baby arrives!
Oh the love…  xx
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