Thursday, October 31, 2013

Paddock to plate

I adore sitting down to a meal and realizing that we bought nothing. 
Tonight's meal was another one of those times.  Baxter Monty and Savannah went out and expertly cut our broccoli...
A bit of hand raised and killed sheep.
The last of our pumpkins from last year - roasted and golden delicious.
And homemade ricotta from our milk, lemons and rosemary from our garden.
Duly scoffed.

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Terrarium


I adore a homemade present - especially when it comes to the kids birthday parties.  They always seem to end up with so much landfill and plastic toys!

Gretta and I made a very special and simple terrarium for her gorgeous little friend Maeve who was turning seven.  A little bit of rock dust, a bit of lichen and some baby succulents, three jacks and a little dog to watch over things.

Happy to report a few weeks on that Maeve's terrarium is living well and growing heaps!

Do you like handmade gifts?  What about for children?
Share some inspiration with me!

x Amy
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kids Room Re-vamp

My girls wanted to be close.  Really close.
Who am I to deny sisters that adore each other this wish!?

And Monty has taken over an entire space.  He was funny when he was tooling around the shared room saying, "that's mine!" and racing whatever it was over to his red shelf (even fairy skirts and dolls!)  We salvaged 2 of these old school shelves from going on the tip when the school was chucking them out.  I got them powdercoated and they came up a dream.  The red to match Monty's bed that we spied in the rafters of the old shearing shed back on Nic's family farm in New Zealand.  We later found out that Monty's Grandad used to sleep in it!

P.S. That little possum in the hand crocheted cardi thanks Emma! is walking and discovering a whole new perspective on life.
And another chapter opens for her.


It's finally happening.  The penny has dropped and the reading freedom is upon her. 
Two down.  Two to go!
I can still remember the bliss I felt when I could pick up a book and go to another time and place.  I still do.
My childhood favorites were
Go dogs go
Berenstain bears
The babysitting Club
Sweet Valley High. ...
Am I taking you back yet?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Celebrating Savvy

We had a party.
Our little darling, Savannah Bronwyn.
One year old.

The girl LOVES food.
This shot is her with her daddy - but someone had just brought a plate of cupcakes out.  Look at those eyes. Like an eagle with it's prey!
So... Food we gave her:

I was uber sick with a flu and resulting sinusitis. Without this friend and her sister, we would've been eating frozen baking out of ratty tupperware containers, but alas - Liz and Mary grabbed the box of decorations and hooked in to style a party for the little girl that they both adore. 

I am still in awe that I made all of these little people.

 "Healthy sandwich - no way! Give me CAKE!"

She found a lot of satisfaction sitting on dad's lap that day.  There was usually something sweet to be shared. 

But the sweetest of all was the little girl that everyone came together to celebrate.  Our little bonus baby. The glue that holds us together. The bees knees.  The apple of our eye.  
Whatever we name her - she's our little gem.

Now, it's been quiet for 3 minutes - I'd better go investigate... Has she found the toothpaste again? Will the drawers in the kitchen be emptied out? Has she worked out how to slide open the door?