Friday, March 25, 2011

a gruffalo party

after some hard work making some super spectacular birthday party invites...

and opening some super special birthday presents - mainly the most coveted of all - Lego...

We had ourselves a Gruffalo party for my biggest boy's 5th birthday.

He came equipped with purple prickles all over his back!

how delicious is my Montyzooma? I mean, come on!

After a Gruffalo reading, lots of Gruffalo food ie: Roasted Fox, Scrambled Snake Crackles, Gruffalo Punch, and Strawberry Mice, playing pin the wart on the Gruffalo, yummy Gruffalo cake, bubbles and playing.... we had the Gruffalo screening with Organic Lolypops.

..Other than that, March has been business as usual. We got a dehydrator and have done a LARGE batch of bananas before the prices went thru the roof, and ooodles and oooodles of apples.  I have preserved apples today and there is a rather large and scrumptious smelling apple and blackberry crumble in the over for after dinner.  Feeling a bit flat - what with the horrendous natural disasters around the globe, gloomy cool weather, and that whacky ol' moon. I hope this funky flat time passes soon. Are you feeling it too?


Thursday, March 17, 2011


This is my Grandpa with each of my boys when we were back in the states for holidays.
He is turning ninety today.
It is hard for me to fathom just how much this wonderful Grandpa has seen and felt in his days! 

My Grandpa is an epic fisherman and hunter. When he came to visit us at Lake Almanor - which he did a lot - he would always take us fishing.  I used to love going fishing with Grandpa, drinking a Shasta Grape Soda and learning how and where to catch delicious rainbow and brown trout.  The latter being the best because, "those ones are good eatin!" with their beautiful brown belly fat. Of course - he'd always clean my fish. He and my dad are always good like that!

My Grandpa also has the best lemon tree - hands down. 
I reckon it's because he put the fish guts underneath it! 

He has always had a veggie patch and brought us loads of homegrown produce.

His nickname for me is "Miss America!!!"

I love him very dearly and I wish for him a magical day surrounded by friends and family. And many more years of the same and out there with his line in the water!
I wish I could magically appear and give him a big Grandpa cuddle.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"This Way of Life"

So busting to see this film. This family - living on love. Isn't that enough sometimes?
Peter's thought provoking quote for the day...
"Everything that lives is Holy. Having that in your life helps you to make decisions based on conscience rather than rules."
Ordered it here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

fantastic five

My big boy turns 5 tomorrow.  
It's been five years since I learned that my heart was going to walk around outside my body.

I love this little man so much, and I treasure the "one on one" times that I get with him, because that's where he and I really connect.  He was only 16 1/2 months old when I gave him a sister, and just 3 something when we gave him a brother.  

I wish I had more time to give you, my little man. I love you so much, and it made my heart bloom looking back at these photos today. You are such a little bright spark, and a clever little fella. We are so proud of you and love you more than the sun and the moon and the stars above.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I think we've finally hit the rhythmic patch and we're rolling along full steam here.  Kids are enjoying their new activities, business is good, and I've just remembered that we've now been here in Victoria for a year (I think even a year ago today!)

we've still got oodles of blackberries to pick - and I'm happy for that, because blackberries are my favourite and my best. Hands down. The picture above just shows you that drains and ditches and mud do not keep us away from plonking fat, juicy little parcels of vitamin C and antioxidants into our buckets.

I drink tea in teacups. Am I the only and last one on the planet? It just tastes better - don't you think?
This one here is from my great grandmother's collection.

look at miss fancypants having a ultra fun mama day in Melbourne with me.
Spoilt or what?

especially when we have chocolate dipped strawberries from Max Brenner for dinner before we go home!

she also has amazing musical talents.....

And here's my ultra cute Montyzooma having South American lunch with mama yesterday
on Gertrude Street. He had every single businessman and woman in their black and grey and brown suits smiling and commenting on how adorable he was as they rushed past to their next meeting. 
I just beam proudly and nibble on him a bit more.

How blessed are we?


P.S. there is a certain young fella that doesn't get to make it to Melbourne with mama on Tuesdays because it's kindergarten day.  However, I think at the moment he would not choose to come with me anyway because he's FAR too busy with Legos. (insert eye roll and nod of understanding here).