Friday, October 29, 2010

Holy Crap

I'm in love.
I especially love the Owl.
I especially don't like all of the cows IN a shed, eating unnatural feed, but - the vid ROCKS.

Happy days.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

got dirt that you could eat with a fork?

anybody else's fingernails look like this at the moment?
I had a lovely afternoon with my 2 bigger kiddos in the garden planting out and mulching.

this little man has had a bit of a hard time with the move and is a bit emotional.  don't get me wrong - they LOURVE the farm - heaps - but it's a bit unsettling, nonetheless...

look at my amazing veggie patches that my hubby has designed.  We've got the lot out there after a wee spot of shopping at Diggers (thanks NZ fam!) The soil is luxurious, rich and full of lovely Certified Organic/Biodynamic goodness. 

big boy was ready for a big boy bike. The balance bike has been passed on to little miss with the addition to a barbie helmet (gag!) and a pink horn - she's happy and Baxter is over the moon with his big one.

and.... look at the DOGS BREAKFAST the plumbers have left me on the back side of the house.  We're having a "Gardening Gala" and inviting everyone round on Melbourne Cup day to help us with the garden. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm figuring Jasmine on trellis and a planter box or two. And yes, the pink will be exiting when Mom & Dad come over in February.  Two points to the person that guesses the colour it will be painted.

Have a happy day.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

welcome to the farmhouse

Welcome to Ruby Hills Organics farmhouse.
Sit down with a cuppa. She's a long one!

this is one of my favorite spaces it is inviting and clean.

the kitchen seems to be functioning really well and I still have loads of cupboards and places to fill!

look closely out the window - those are my little veggie patch boxes!

Okay... Here we are going to do some before and after's.







The kids space has been a bit of a challenge, but I've worked on it today and I'm pleased how it is coming up..  I've chucked a lot of things, and organized "spaces" for reading, for cars, for playing together, for playing alone....

and... what do you do when you have a house without any built in wardrobes? Make a room that has strange energy a wardrobe.  This one happens to link to both the kids room and to our room.  Here it is...

and the before of our room...

 and after....

bathroom before...

 and after...

we've been busy little bees round here for the last month.  we have a lovely girl "woofing" with us - she's been great to have around with a really easygoing spirit..

here's another shot of this kids room. 

Lots of crap to still find a home here. But - it's a happy, aesthetically pleasing home for us now!

Happy days..

Friday, October 15, 2010

and some more....

Are you sick of these photos yet? Well good - because here's more.

my super plate rack made by my builder into my recycled shelf

a view from my ginormous pantry towards my newly white kitchen with tall benchtops! hurrah!

my vintage 1960 fabric artwork that husband gave me for my birthday. aww. lourve it.

the one and only completed room in the house. the laundry loo.  Oh wait - no vinyl on the floor. nevermind.

ye gads - look at all of the crap left to still clean up.

my oven.  super builder customized it into an old pantry. genius.  All cupboards, oven, sink, rangehood, cooktop and island bench -- secondhand for $950 bucks landed in Fish Creek.  There's been a fair bit done to it all, but nowhere near what a new kitchen and appliances would have cost.  

shaping up the kiddo's room

shower room vanity and handiworked pressed metal backsplash from hubby.

there's been a fair bit of scrubbing done on these to remove all of the Apricot, Pink and Clotted Cream coloured paint, but we're getting there!

I cannot believe how great the kitchen is looking all in it's white.  I love recycling! 

If anyone has any extra energy - please send. 

Hope to be in at the end of next week..


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

getting near the home stretch

Underneath those dropcloths are my sanded and oiled floors! 
You'll have to wait to see those until the skirting boards have been painted.  

Don't you love my blue? Dulux Blue Satin - or as us Gundy girls know it - "three wishes blue"!

and here we have my two recycled glass doors.. painted and ready to go.  Pantry on the right, shower & loo on the left.  A bit bizarre to have a loo and a shower in the middle of your kitchen, but we like a bit of crazy in our lives.

Okay - so here we have what the old ceiling looked like.
I am not kidding.
It was white at one point in it's life.
Thank GOD it's white once again.

not one smoke detector in the place - but now there is with my hubby's handiwork.

and working with the pressed metal - he had to edge a windowsill with it very cleverly so that it was heat safe next to the cooktop.

and I know... I know... a bit ridiculous to unpack my Great Grandmother's teacup collection while we're still under construction, but it's one of those boxes BEGGING to be unpacked - and it made me incredibly happy to unpack and tuck them safely away on the top shelf of the pantry - where nobody has to do anymore work.  

Back to the Grind.
Have a happy day.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

and the winner is....

Hello Sunday.

Hope the sun shines on you a bit today.  I got a fill of sun yesterday and it has renewed my energy! We did a new market at Coal Creek yesterday (my friend Rachel and I) with our littlest precious people. Monty is NOT market material.  I suppose it was a good thing that we only sold a few cartons of our Organic eggs, because I spent most of the time fetching him from the grassy hill that led to the highway!

Anyway.... on to business - THE DRAW!

To celebrate my first year blogging anniversary... I am giving a copy of Frugavore away

and the winner is.....

Congratulations - it seems appropriate that you are winning my giveaway - afterall - you were the one that inspired me to start blogging!

Send me your deets.

Aw Hell - I've got 2 copies here. Let's draw another one.

Congrats to Vic too! Let me know where to post.

Have a happy day. xx