Thursday, September 27, 2012

I need a badge.

I need to commission someone clever from etsy to make me a badge.
Today the badge can read:

wish me Happy Birthday instead of hassling me
about still being pregnant.

Oh the pressure of going "overdue."

That date that they oppress us with is merely a guessing point, people.  I have a 30 day cycle - not a 28 day "normal" cycle.  Ugh, I wish that I would just put my due date at 42 weeks from word go and forgo all of this anxiety over producing this baby for everyone.  I was induced with my first and went to 42 weeks with both of the next ones.

I know that people are well meaning when they ask after me, but I think I might just be a little teeny weeny bit sensitive, and explaining ten times over everyday from week 38 to well-wishers why there is still a rather large bump out the front does not do much for the mental state of a highly hormonal walrus lady.  Let me be clear here - it's all those that I encounter at the servo, the grocery store, childcare, etc... friends and family are an obvious acception!

Well, guess what? This is not in my control. In fact - nothing about this pregnancy from it's conception to it's posterior bub to my now oh so convenient posterior cervix are in my control.
So... I yield. I submit. I do not need to control this. My body is controlling exactly what it needs to control exactly when it needs to.

I will encourage but not obsess.
I will calmly yield to this process we call birth, and I will probably be pregnant for nearly a month more than most women.
So what.  I cook gorgeous babies. Yes I do.
Just a bit longer than the average Jo.


So for my birthday......  I told Nic weeks and weeks ago to NOT get my anything - and that I've got my birthday covered.  eeeee!

We're going to see MUMFORD & SONS in Melbourne on 25 October!!
My current theme song:

Their new album has just been released and I'm still falling in love with it.  I've booked us into the Sofitel (posh!) and have a dear friend prepared to cuddle a few weeks old baby on her bosom while we sneak out - just the 2 of us for a couple of hours of music that makes my spine tingle.

Yay! What a birthday!  Now I just have to find a handful of helpers over a 24 hour span to milk the cows (twice), feed the chooks, collect about 4000 eggs, and to care for the other 3 kiddos, but, hey... minor details, right!?

Off to keep on cooking this little baby and to enjoy some of my grandmother's recipe of Rich Rich Cheesecake with my family... xx (...the best cheesecake EVER. seriously. there is no competition. I cannot eat any other kind of cheesecake as they all taste like swill to be fed to swine in comparison...)

P.S. I am such a lovely person that this coveted simple family recipe has been published on my blog here - so that the world does not have to endure CRAP cheesecake any longer.  Enjoy. And as my mother would say... in capitals: USE A DRIP PAN!

Happy days... xx

P.S.S. Please do comment as you feel the need - I'm not that sensitive and hormonal!! I am however, STILL PREGNANT but also now 35 years mature.  x

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Before we are 6...

Warning: the following photo may make your ovaries ache:

Have you ever seen anything so adorable?  My gorgeous mother in law has sent 5 pairs of these little handmade cluck worthy booties. We're looking forward to putting them on our new baby soon!

The kids are very excited. You should have seen the look on this one's face when she realised that it was finally September!

Mama is excited too.  Just waiting and nesting like a banshee.  Who knew that the hearth around the fire needed so much scrubbing? And that bathroom ceiling - got that one done with the mop a few days ago.  There's been jewelery sort outs and pantry scrubbing, bathroom cleaning, hairclip organizing, sock sorting, path sweeping, etc.  Try to stop me.  Watch out oven - you're next!

Nic has discovered some interesting artwork donning the dairy shed walls.
Love that udder!

And this was my lunch - just to rub it in:
Homemade Ricotta Gnocchi
with homemade basil pesto (from last season's harvest)
and two gorgeously perfect poached eggs.

Made a Guinness cake yesterday too.
Decided it needed a peanut butter and date icing. And it did.  Delish!