Sunday, April 6, 2014

From Fish Creek to Walkerville

In a space of three months...

We've sold our cows. 
We've reeled over moving off our farm in Fish Creek. 
We've done solicitors. 
We've done land agents. 
We've done new banks. 
We've done tears and worry.
  We've dug up our fruit trees. 
We've scrubbed down a house that we renovated. 
We've leaned on the arms of each other. 
We've lived on carbs and caffeine.  
We've been excited.
We negotiated.
We bought a farm.
We've depended on families and friends.
We've fixed fences and tidied up.
We've sold a lot of sheep.
We've liquidated plant and machinery.
We've postponed my surgery.
We've done exasperating moments of anguish, stress and fatigue.
We've packed and boxed and threw out the excess.
We've packed trailers and cars and tractors.
We've watched our chooks go on the back of a big ol' truck.
We've watched our chooks wander and explore their new paddocks by the sea.
We've wandered and explored our new paddocks by the sea.
We've researched houses.
We've dreamed of houses.
We've discussed with friends and friend-architects.
We've decided that we will build a house of rammed earth.
We've drawn house sketches and talked and dreamed.
We've closed the door on dairy farming.
We've hand milked house cows.
We've rented a house.
We've had a day of Settlement.
We've landed.

It's been a wild an wooly 3 months.  Most times it seemed utterly unachievable. But I knew we'd get through it. I'm glad we've made it through without too many scars!

On this side of the move, we're making time for billy carts, trips to the beach, spending time with each other.  Finding spots for everything.  Enjoying our freedom.  There is still much to come, but for now... these school holidays we're about finding our feet here on the other side together.  What a wonderful spot to be after all of that.  There is much beauty around us, and the freedom feels SO amazing. 

Breathe in, Breathe out.
All is well.

oh yes, and little miss had a haircut.