Wednesday, August 17, 2011

lighthouses and ambulances

How lovely it is to have a big brother that goes thru the entire book of transport telling you about ambulances, helicopters, tanks, motorcycles and the like in your very own "mine. new. bed". 
Yep - life is good for a little 2 year old around here. 

He's developed beautiful little relationships with the big 2 - and the big 2 are pretty happy that Monty is starting to communicate with words rather than grunts and cries. 

We nipped off the farm for 2 hours of sunny bliss at Cape Liptrap Lighthouse
with our good friends last Saturday.

It was good for the soul.
It was good for the heart.
It was good for the family. 

Whale watching.
good whole food.
exploring, laughing, giggling.

Note to self: do this more often.
Little effort = maximum head clearing and happiness.


Mom said...

I remember their Book of Transport. I used to read that to Baxter!
Sounds like a lovely day for all of you. Note to us all: Do it more often!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great day out! love watching my older kids read to the younger ones too.


Jellywares said...

This is just gorgeous Amy - You have a very beautiful family there, that's for sure...

Jodie :)