Sunday, July 22, 2012


I'm feeling very extravagant and indulgent at the moment.

Enter: Thermomix

Went to a friend's place for lunch a couple of weeks ago to see what this overpriced food processor was all about. I mean - come on - all the hype! It's like some kind of cult!

I came home a bit ..... let's say unexpectedly completely impressed.

I have had the sexy Kitchenaid on my list to one day invest in since we were married. Almost ten years have gone by and I still have my $30 hand blender that wheezes away and drops bits of old cake mix into the new mix that has been stuck up under the hood rattling away...

And then the food processor - I bought one over a year ago for about a hundred dollars - just to see if I would use it. Well, I do. A lot. And it too now wheezes away with gears crunching and skipping from overuse.

So, as a soon to be mother of 4 - I am swapping the sexy, curvy kitchen-aid and Cusinart for the all-together amazing machine - the Thermomix.

Arrives Tuesday and I find myself waking in the night thinking of it! Look at what it can do!


Jane @ Shady Baker said...

I look forward to a review Amy, I have heard a lot about this cult too! Have a lovely Sunday x

Tanya said...

cool! After wanting one for 5 years I finally just went 'hey, why not' and bought one for my 40th a few weeks ago. very fun so far!