Thursday, September 13, 2012

Before we are 6...

Warning: the following photo may make your ovaries ache:

Have you ever seen anything so adorable?  My gorgeous mother in law has sent 5 pairs of these little handmade cluck worthy booties. We're looking forward to putting them on our new baby soon!

The kids are very excited. You should have seen the look on this one's face when she realised that it was finally September!

Mama is excited too.  Just waiting and nesting like a banshee.  Who knew that the hearth around the fire needed so much scrubbing? And that bathroom ceiling - got that one done with the mop a few days ago.  There's been jewelery sort outs and pantry scrubbing, bathroom cleaning, hairclip organizing, sock sorting, path sweeping, etc.  Try to stop me.  Watch out oven - you're next!

Nic has discovered some interesting artwork donning the dairy shed walls.
Love that udder!

And this was my lunch - just to rub it in:
Homemade Ricotta Gnocchi
with homemade basil pesto (from last season's harvest)
and two gorgeously perfect poached eggs.

Made a Guinness cake yesterday too.
Decided it needed a peanut butter and date icing. And it did.  Delish!


Jane @ Shady Baker said...

So good to see you again Amy! There is so much exciting goodness in your house. I am making a note to myself...freeze more pesto this summer, your pesto meal looks so delicious. Happy nesting and waiting x

Fiona said...

I'm so excited for you Amy, be sure to let us know as soon as possible!
Well, I've just enjoyed some delightful home-grown pork, braised Chinese style for my lunch! Aren't we spoilt with our own produce.
Take care, can't wait to hear the next instalment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I'm excited too that it is September, a new little grand-child soon, can't wait. Thinking of you all.
Talk soon,
Love Bronwyn (Nanny NZ) x

Kate said...

Oh my goodness Amy, I woke up this morning thinking about you. (I hope that doesn't sound too creepy). Has your baba arrived? Is he/she close? I am so totally excited for you guys. What an amazing time. Big love to you mama. xx