Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday sometime in 2013 I think.

Oh my poor poor neglected blog.  

I miss you.  Has anybody taken a walk from that ever hungry mad time consumer we all know as facebook? It seems to be my "quick" place to update photos etc... but is it all that quick? There is SO much there in FB land.  Ads, mundane crap, etc... I would like to quit it. Have you?


Babe #4 our Gorgeous little Savannah also known as...

Huskvanna (ala Baxter)
Savlova (from the rest of us...)

is big. She's 6 months old, weighs more than a ton of bricks, has adorable chubby thighs, spikey hair, 3 + 3/4's teeth, comando crawling, and is the apple of everyone's eye.  Everybody seriously seriously is smitten by her.

In other news...

Nic and I have quit sugar.
9 days clean and counting.  We're talking all sugar.

Kids are still having fruit etc. but we're working on better eating as I've let it slip a bit since having 4 children...  Never knew it would possibly be so busy.

And yet more happenings...  A meal for dinner and lunchbox winner:

Chicken Sausage rolls - with our home killed chicken sausages, kale, silverbeet, onion, carrot, parsley -- all from the garden... rolled up in bought butter pastry -- yes, that is the ungodly expensive pastry that actually uses butter at the grocery store. Worth the extra dollars in flavour and in health!  The other ones are full of marg and crap oils (*bleh*) and sprinkled with chia seeds after an egg wash.

Always tastes better served on a blue alien plate.
Because that's how we Sausage Roll.

I am so bleary and sleep deprived I'm a snappy yelling cow of a mother at the moment.  Not terribly proud of that.  Needs some work and I am constantly trying to remember that I am shaping these kids' childhoods. Look - I love them to bits, but coming off the back-end of school holidays I was at the END of my tether.  I keep trying to remind myself that it should get easier, but does it? 

(these are the dahlias in my garden that don't talk back, lie, hurt their brother/sister and leave their clothes everywhere. Sigh.)

I know there are mothers out there with more kids than me, but I am finding having 4 children CHALLENGING.  I do remember having 1, 2 and 3 children challenging during the early days though, so I think it's probably just sheer exhaustion.  

Probably nothing that a 4 hour stretch of sleep wouldn't cure I think.

In the meantime... we'll go gently, and try to build up more patience for these little tackers. To remember to speak kindly. To be in the moment. To not worry so much about the state of chaos in the house. To paint. To read. To cuddle.

Happy Autumn days. xx


Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Hi Amy, so good to hear from you. I love your sausage rolls, they look so good. How do you make your chicken mince? Food processor or actual mincer? We kill our own chooks (roosters actually) but haven't made mince yet.

Good for you on the quitting sugar project. Mothering, farming, eating well, Facebook, balance, life...none of it is easy all of the time is it? We can only give it our best. I cant imagine what 4 children feels like, I find 2 challenging enough at times. Happy autumn to you too x

Fiona said...

I always love your posts Amy, so lovely to see that beautiful, scrumptious girl ... I could just eat her baby gorgeousness.
I still remember bringing baby four home and thinking it didn't seem to be just like adding one more to the mix, it seemed to be double the workload. And every morning I'd wake up thinking I was living Groundhog Day! But you just seem to do what you have to do, and one day it gets easier.
I can't believe you've quit sugar! We've just entered our third week after reading David Gillespie's Sweet Poison. And as a help with the kids, I've just today received in the mail his new cookbook "The Sweet Poison Quit Plan Cookbook". Lots of great baking replacement ideas for kids.
Good luck to you, I think it's a really important step to good health. Can't wait to see how it goes for you.
Take care, you're doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Amy!! Well done on quitting sugar, being an amazing mum (and roll model) to your blessed children and by the looks a great cook!
Love reading on your blog...


Emma Steendam said...

Oh love. Yes of course it's challenging, says childless me. I can't even fathom. But yes speak kind words, breathe, cuddle, sing loudly and laugh often. Shaping little humans is huge blessing and a joy - say it again, shaping little humans is a huge blessing and a joy. Breathe.