Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday & School Holidays

Hello there!

Oh so much has happened since I've been blogging regularly... 2 overseas trips, and much much family hoo-haa.  So, instead of feeling overwhelmed with too much to blog about, I'm picking up from now instead of reflecting back at this stage so that I actually blog once in a while! 

Anyhoo - have been on school holidays. A bit of a better round this time - I remember last time as horrendous. We've had a bit of beachy time and winter jobs.  Today we're baking Apricot Oatbran Muffins with Chia and Pepita sprinkle to pop in the freezer for lunchbox frenzy for the next term.

...adapted from this recipe subbing the sultanas for chopped apricots.
we also added vanilla and 6 drops of orange oil.

for the topping we blitzed together pepitas, chia, and coconut sugar with a couple little bits of butter to make a "sand" to pop on top.

I always use an ice cream scoop to put the batter into the trays - always just the right amount.

taste testing always vital to baking!

In our freezer we've ferretted away lasagne, pesto pasta bake, ham and cheese scrolls, savoury scones and a bit of muffin action.  

What else do you put in lunchboxes? I loathe the sandwich scene.  We only send sandwiches once or twice a week if we can help it. Nutritional value is usually zero and sustanance the same.  Would love clever egg ideas if anyone has them. My kids are not big fritatta fans in the lunchbox. I should try the bacon in the muffin tin with a whole egg and some cheese/chutney drill.

How many of you struggle with balancing time on the computer between facebook and other social media? How do you manage it so that the big screen in front of you doesn't zap your day away? Just been duped into pinterest too - haven't gone there for ages because I was sure that I would love it, and alas... I do...


Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Lovely to see you again Amy. Your baking looks so wholesome and you look great too! School lunches are hard even though I only 'pack' lunches once a week as the other 4 days are home school. Anyhoo - plain popcorn, dried fruit, Cruskits, pita bread and cheese are a few things that work with reasonable success for my kids. Happy Sunday :)

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

PS screen time is hard too...I avoid Pinterest because I know it is a total time sucker. Sometimes I set a time limit for myself?

Anonymous said...

Yes i will say it again you are superwoman! Your kids must be so well behaved for you to get all that achieved!! Good on you great idea using icecream scoop :)
Love Em x

sharyn said...

Hi Amy...I love your blog, but I just have to tell you I love your handwriting!!!! Lovely photos xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, Yum, they look delicious.Gretta, I love the colour of your finger nails, very posh, also your fringe Amy, lovely.
Hi to everyone.
Love Bronwyn x

MOM said...

Wow! I don't check the blog much, so I am sooo pleased to see a post. I too love your "fringe"! Your hair looks fun! And the food looks yummy as usual. As for ideas for lunches...Twinkies, pop tarts, cookies, candy, NOT :)

Lindy in Brisbane said...

School lunches are such a pain. I try to cook a big roast on Sunday night so we have left-over meat for the weeks lunches. A favourite is a caesar salad wrap- caesar dressing, chicken, grated parmesan, bacon, sliced boiled egg and cos lettuce, or variations depending on preference.