Wednesday, January 1, 2014

and a new chapter begins

I don't know where to start with this post.

I've said it here on Instagram...

Twenty Fourteen. Be gentle to us. I'm feeling rather fragile.

Holding on to my little ones and my man while we discover what will be next for our business, our home, our future.

x A


Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Good luck Amy, thinking of you and your family. Farm life can be tough cant it? Take care x

Kristie said...

Oh no! That is heartbreaking...Here's hoping there is something even more special on the horizon!

Tasha said...

Oh Amy - thinking of you and yours love... You're a wonderfully strong woman though and will make of whatever life throws at you an adventure.
Tasha xo

Jodie said...

Good luck Amy - may 2014 be a bright one for both your gorgeous family and your business.. xx