Monday, May 12, 2014

Dear Grandpa

To the generous man that gave his all to his family – better known as Grandpa.

Anybody home?
It is with a generous smile that I write my memories of my dear grandpa.  My smile is as generous and huge as his personality was.  He was never the kind to not give a damn – because he did give a damn. He forgave. He loved. He made us laugh.

I will never again encounter a lemon that will ever compare to Grandpa’s lemons.  Was it really true that his secret was fish guts? Because I believe it – fish and Grandpa just go together like French bread and butter – like China and Camp – like coffee and McDonalds. 

Grandpa was so generous both with his time and his money.  There were so many times he’d roll up to me inconspicuously and wedge a twenty into my palm and say “go buy yourself a hamburger.”  He would take you out and show you the apple tree and tell you exactly how to prune it.  He’d tell you exactly where to aim your hook and where the “good eatin’” fish would be in the stream. He and Grandma bought tickets for me to come and visit last year.  I’m so very grateful. 

Although I’m sad that I won’t get to see him or HEAR him again I take comfort in recognizing that I have him in my life every day.  Since learning that he was gone, I’ve recognized that so many little parts of my day that have the grandpa stamp. 

All of his grandchildren share the common bull-headed, persistent, generous, sometimes loud and wooly personality.  Thanks grandpa – we owe our hot-headedness to you!! I think it’s fair to say however, that we’re proud of who we all are and wouldn’t have it any other way – nobody is allowed to walk all over any of us!

You had a wonderful heart, a generous laugh, a huge personality, an aire of respect, an appetite for deliciousness, and some incredible coined phrases that none of us will ever forget.  Can anyone recall one?

Some of my favourites are:
“that’s good eating!”
“that__________ (fill in the blank: “that Jarret” or “that Jimmy” or “that Savannah”)
“okay sweetie” or “your such a sweetie”

Goodbye my Grandpa.  Thank you for your love and memories.  I love you forever.  I will keep making you proud.  I will carry you with me for all of my days.

Love, Amy

Also known as Miss America


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Thinking of you Amy.

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