Monday, July 21, 2014

Oh, hello!

Hello friends...

Sorry for the blogging hiatus.  It's nothing personal, believe me.  But, I'm finding a family of 6 requires a fair amount of attention! And... my office is no longer in my home, so, you know... I'm relying more on Instagram and Facey than I'd like to.

Some general happenings...
My children keep growing. They keep getting older and smarter, dammit!
Is this happening to you too?

My body has been telling me that I'm perhaps pushing the envelope a bit much...
Was in hospital last week with a freaky intense pain issue in the belly area. Happened about 3 months ago too, so still investigating that one.
Hip surgery - went brilliantly - healed so well, and now... well, I seem to overdo it most days ending up with that pinching lower back pain caused by the whole hip impingement thingo.

(this is me with crutches and Gretta helping me... Bless!)

And I'm looking into Nerve therapy for my middle back which is out more time than not and causes me to be quite grumpy and in pain.  

Our farm is coming along smashingly.  We are planning on expanding our chookie numbers and are finding the dropping of the diary cows quite refreshing! We still get fresh raw Organic milk, but not with the huge commitment of being in the industry.

My little darling holding our new packaging...

This is part of the view that our new house will have!

...and from the other direction...

I asked Nic to bring some eggs back from the farm.  He brought me 4 trays.
He's an overachiever.

Well, I'm putting in applications to planning and rendezvousing with my architect friends that are designing our house that we hope to begin building by the end of the year.  We're grabbing the dream and doing an architect designed rammed earth house! Not too big - 3 bedrooms, and not extravagant - we're recycling building materials everywhere.  So, if you know of an old warehouse or farmhouse set for demolition - let me know, we'll go pilfer the structure!

Adios.  Until next time. xx
(all photos from my Instagram account... follow me on rubyhillsorganics

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