Sunday, December 6, 2009

sittin in style!

Sunday Project - CHECK!

I have been putting this project off for quite a wee while.
Child number 3 has started using the highchair (as he is now a man of solids...) and he has been sitting in squalor. The original Prima Papa cover is LONG gone filled with morsels and mildew.
Child 2 used whatever we threw into the seat to make it not stick to her, but alas - Child 3 will sit in style. Love my Heather Bailey fabrics (thanks Mom for bringing these out for me!) and got some inspiration from this lovely lady - check out her other projects - she does a lot of repurposing.

not too girly?? hope not.

p.s. yes, that is Monty boy in his jammies. It is 3p.m. What's it to ya?
I got the bloody cover done, didn't I????
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Leonie Guld said...

Hey that cover is pretty dam magic!!! and the jimjams at 3 o'clock....BRILLIANT!!!

jodi said...

looks great!

Jelly Wares said...

The cover looks great!!! I really must make one of these for my hight chair... I have my littlest one sitting on it with no cover at the moment, how slack am I... LOL

Take Care :)

Mom said...

You sure remind me of me! Remember how I would leave you and your brothers to play and I would sew all day and into the night. Your grandma did that too!