Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I think we've finally hit the rhythmic patch and we're rolling along full steam here.  Kids are enjoying their new activities, business is good, and I've just remembered that we've now been here in Victoria for a year (I think even a year ago today!)

we've still got oodles of blackberries to pick - and I'm happy for that, because blackberries are my favourite and my best. Hands down. The picture above just shows you that drains and ditches and mud do not keep us away from plonking fat, juicy little parcels of vitamin C and antioxidants into our buckets.

I drink tea in teacups. Am I the only and last one on the planet? It just tastes better - don't you think?
This one here is from my great grandmother's collection.

look at miss fancypants having a ultra fun mama day in Melbourne with me.
Spoilt or what?

especially when we have chocolate dipped strawberries from Max Brenner for dinner before we go home!

she also has amazing musical talents.....

And here's my ultra cute Montyzooma having South American lunch with mama yesterday
on Gertrude Street. He had every single businessman and woman in their black and grey and brown suits smiling and commenting on how adorable he was as they rushed past to their next meeting. 
I just beam proudly and nibble on him a bit more.

How blessed are we?


P.S. there is a certain young fella that doesn't get to make it to Melbourne with mama on Tuesdays because it's kindergarten day.  However, I think at the moment he would not choose to come with me anyway because he's FAR too busy with Legos. (insert eye roll and nod of understanding here).


Emma said...

Amy you went to Where a Girl Goes!! I'm onto you! I went there with my mum, two sisters and bridesmaid for high tea the day I went wedding dress shopping. Ah-mah-zing! And oh my goodness that Monty of yours is adorable (and getting bigger!)

Mom said...

A star is born!!! Makes me smile very big to see your sweet babies. Thank you so much! These pictures and words really give me a feel for your wonderful life right now and I so wish we could come visit. Oh-oh! Gonna start crying. Oh-oh! Too late! The effect is likely to be similar on Dad...

Tanya said...

fellow tea cup chick here too!

dixiebelle said...

Gorgeous kids, yummy food, hot mumma, and love that cup! Blessed, with a capital B!

Anonymous said...

oh my, remind me again how old Gretta is? What a talented little lady your have there!!!! How hilarious. T

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, High Tea reminds me of the day Gretta & I went to a lovely Cafe in Foster & had Banana cake, so good we had to share another half each! Life sounds great for all of you, lovely part of the world. Georgia, Hannah & I off to Stan Walker Concert tonight, should be fun.
Love Bronwyn (Nic's Mum NZ)