Friday, December 9, 2011

400 day-old chickens my Mother in Law and a new Imac...

Don't be frightened little children! It wasn't as crazy as it sounds!

(big sister comforting a fretting little man when the loud claps of thunder and lightening were rolling in) (Look at that pink. Yes, friends - that is my house. Don't worry - dad's coming down unda in February to "de-pink" the house - a lovely Cape Cod blue with white trim, me thinks!)

this was the most lovely bit of driving to Melbourne like a mad woman with two pyjama'ed kiddos... My lovely and wonderful Mother in Law. She was a delight to have all to ourselves for a full week. She made our front garden a showpiece and the kids loved her up properly. 

yes, so these little tackers were a main event in the 5:30 a.m. travels... This little girl and 407 of her best friends. Talk about cheep cheep cheep! Little sweetie pies are loving their humble abode... eating and growing, getting strong enough to get outside! This little one had to hitch a ride in my cleavage for a few hours as she had a little encounter with the drinkers.  A day old chick that is wet has about 15 minutes to live. literally. So, if you didn't know it, the best place to dry a miniature chooken off in in your bra. I even went to pick up Gretta from Kindergarten with one, and had the teacher in fits of laughter as I withdrew it from my bosoms to show the kids...  I do believe someone will need to lock me up at some stage...?

This big puppy was a most excellent Ebay purchase. Our old PC has been dying a very SLOW and painful death for many months and causing me so much extra time in the office waiting for it to unfreeze.  So.... we're in Mac land now... A little confronting and frustrating going from PC to Mac, but we're learning (and loving it! - the SPEED!)

lots of calvies being looked after by the mister... Lots of milk in the vat too!

Speaking of the Mister - we're off tomorrow to the fabulous Little Miss Emma / Cinderella at Brindabella's wedding to her beau. She took this picture a couple of weeks ago too. The talent spews from her. Can't wait to see what tricks she gets up to for her wedding!

We're leaving tomorrow.
Just the 2 of us.

I have no idea how I was able to pry him away from the farm, but alas - we're going, and I'm so looking forward to it.
I have mentioned that it might have been easier to give him open heart surgery after working thru the details of going away for TWO WHOLE MILKINGS..., but anyway - I'll shove him in the car and hijack him to the wedding tomorrow if need be.

Christmas party is planned. Festive food ideas are plinking around in my brainbox...

lovely pic of my 3, eh? 
Well it's a little bittersweet for me - this original "Aussie" Christmas tree plummeted to the ground and cracked the vase as I was doing milk and egg deliveries on Monday. Not one ornament was broken - thank goodness, and we now have a very secure 2nd Chrissy tree up - and it's even pine. :)

best stuff ever.

and there's even been a couple of creative eruptions happening of late - like my new bag, votive holders with lace for teachers, and a doily bunting. I was afraid I'd make crocheters cringe a bit by cutting intricate lace doily's in half, so I haven't included a picture, but let me just say that it's pretty and lovely, and I like looking up at them rather than having them holed away in the cupboard...

Well, it seems that twenty eleven is slithering out of our hands. I for one am glad, and looking forward to a magical twenty twelve. How about you?



Mom said...

Oh!! So much news! Awesome. The pic of Gretta and Monty is a prize-winner. Gretta's expression of concern for Monty is priceless. Dad says to enter it in a photo contest. Have fun away!

Han & Moo said...

Love hearing all your news and can't wait to hear all about Emma & Matt's wedding! I can only imagine how magical it will be!

PS Loving the new look of your blog too! Seriously gorgeous! X

Jane (Shady Baker) said...

Great post Amy, have a beautiful weekend, I am sure you will :)

Fiona said...

Amy, I've loved seeing what you're up to. Have a wonderful couple of days away, I so totally understand how difficult it is to get away, so soak up every moment. Look forward to hearing a report.

Fiona said...

Amy, I've loved seeing what you're up to. Have a wonderful couple of days away, I so totally understand how difficult it is to get away, so soak up every moment. Look forward to hearing a report.

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy life is never dull down your way- Well done for getting Nick away for the wedding , enjoy yourselves!!! LOL Tracey
P.S how 'Young' do you and Nick look in that Fab photo- Just gorgeous! Hot Mamma