Saturday, December 17, 2011

love and friendship and sandpits

Mr & Mrs.

we have been to the most exquisite, special wedding last weekend.
seriously - I have never been to such a clever, beautiful wedding, and this stunning couple just emits perfect young love. Sweetest ever.

hubby and I got TWENTY FOUR HOURS off the farm, without kids. 
Was lovely. We caught up with old friends, and made some new friends.
We all have this mysterious connection!

who knew rusty ringlock could look so glam!?

the flowers left me breathless.

these fabulously drinkable drinks said, "eat drink and be married"

oh yes. so sweet!

the peonys!!!

dance floor lighting.

only a photographer herself would have TWO photographers. It was photograph madness. I can't wait to see what they've come up with!

only a true bush wedding ends up with mud and grass on her heels and dress.
and... of course she was still stunning.

in Emma's speech, she mentioned a couple of us gals - that have brought her "country mama" inspiration. I felt full of friendship and sisterhood. 

Tis' true that family is a part of you, but what is really special is that we get to choose our friends. We choose people that inspire us, support us, and make us generally happy and full of life. What's better than that!? 

The last name on the tree is the one that has connected Emma and I - and I'm so glad for it.  Happy Trails to Emma and Matt - galavanting north on an extended working honeymoon. If you cross their path - welcome them with open arms - they're special ones.

...back on the homefront...
we've been attempting calm through all of the end of year breakups, Christmas get-togethers, dinners, bbq's, etc... And we're going pretty well, actually! We FINALLY pulled out a sandbox for the smalls. It was not the complicated expensive exercise we thought it would be.

and is bringing many moments of happiness for 3 little people in the household. Right next to the lower veggie patch, so if one gets hungry - one can snaffle up a few sugar snap peas, and then keep diggin!

and the man with the bobcat paid us a very wonderful visit - so although our backyard will look much like this for the Christmas party - it will be easy to mow, lush green grass before long. Man - it was a total mess. Ditches and holes everywhere, stumps, old concrete - gullies where fences have been removed... 

simple presents for special people have been made, and are still being thought of, lots of gardening - and expectations of wonderful summer produce (come on, basil!!), milking cows, raising chicks, tending chooks, packing eggs, filling orders.  


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. The Wedding and the sandpit made me smile. Nat

Kate said...

Wowee!!!! Look at that stunning wedding.
Looks like loads of fun and wonderful times at Ruby Hills. x

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Thanks for sharing Amy...Emma's weddings looks truly delightful! Yum...your pesto looks good, love tasty home made gifts :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Beautiful photos, Emma's Wedding looks absolutely fabulous, love the photo of you & Nic,had to look twice at Nic, scrubs up well. Sandpit looks great also your new soon to be grown, lawn, a lot has been done since I was with you.
Talk soon
Bronwyn (Nic's Mum)