Monday, April 23, 2012


Beef stock on the fire...  First day with the fire on for a while...

a cubby house somewhere in there.  I heard that the green box is the telly...

Beef and Sweet Potato Stew with Cider in the Crock pot.  I think I was a bit overzealous when I created this concoction.  Perhaps a meal or two in the freezer for when bubby arrives?

a bit of homemade garlic tinture for man and bovine (and ovine and poultry as well, I suppose!)

Easy recipe...  Just take 1 cup of finely minced garlic, add 2 cups vodka. Leave on kitchen bench for 10 days shaking around daily. On day 10 run it thru a fine strainer and decant into brown glass droppers.

Humans can take anywhere from 1 drop to 5 drops per day.  Keeps nasties away! We use it on the cattle and chooks when needed too.

I used it last winter with good success to keep my circulation going better.  I'm one of those women with ice cube feet and bum at night. Shocking circulation, but 1-2 drops/day made it considerably better.

One of the early pumpkins we had to harvest because one of the dogs dug up the vine early.  Not as gorgeous glowing orange as I like it, but homegrown goodness all the same. 

This little boy is SO in love. Penelope is so obliging!

These are going to have pumpkin custards poured into them in about 10 minutes.  It's the lazy version of pumpkin pie - just no crust (which is of course the time consuming part of pumpkin pie'ing!)  Anyone want the recipe?

We've had glorious Autumn sunshine, and the next minute it's black outside with wind, rain and hail all at the same time.  It leaves the air so fresh.

Had a re-vamp of kid's spaces.  Baxter has graduated to the little blue room into a lovely double bed.  His dinosaurs have followed him so far.  We're making way in the big bedroom for a little baby, so we've freed up some space for a cot in a couple of months.  I love having the kids all together.  They seem to want to be together at night.  They love it.  This way Baxter is still nearly in the same room, but with a bit of space when the blonde assassin is up to no good at bed time...  Which happens frequently!

Next project to tackle pre-baby: laundry room storage and sort out.



Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Lovely Autumn goodness Amy! Personal you have TV? I note your kids have a pretend TV, we don't have TV and sometimes our kids pretend too :) You have a pretty garden and pumpkin custard, yum!

Emma Steendam said...

Whatever that garlic concoction is I NEED IT! I have the WORST circulation...well, when in chilly Victoria, no problems up here ;) When we lived in the bull unit house I had the worst, most painful chilblains :(
Loving big boy Baxter's new space. I so love the kids 'big room'. Good luck with the pre-baby jobs! Get excited woman! Have you had your scan yet?

Maxabella said...

I'll take a pumpkin custard recipe!

Love your copper pot too. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, Just looked in & found lovely photos, Penelope & Monty look best friends, James also enjoyed our kittens. Baxter's new bedroom looks great & also Gretta & Monty's room plus baby of course.
Bronwyn x PS I love your pumpkin pie in cups, I still remember the taste.