Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fishypalooza 2012 and other bits...

Well, another year of Fishypalooza has passed.  For us - it's a bit of rocking up, boogieing down a little, eating a little, getting the most aahmazing Face paintings from Harriet, enjoying the campfire and then heading home busted.  For most of the others - it's a 3 day camping and partying extravaganza up on the hill in Glorious Fish Creek.  This  year we did a farm tour - and we think it was pretty well appreciated - as one of the chicks that came out had beautiful compliments about the farm and felt moved by the whole experience.  ... Makes what we do all the more worthwhile!

Saturday morning saw the family out and about snapping up total bargains...
Mulcher $5 - Fridge $50 - Orchid $2 - Gumboots $2

bargain adorable soup bowls.

my total find for the day - food sealer system upwards of $300 for $70!

glass lined flasks

proper linen.

and this little jewel.  a little rare like hens teeth.
Nic wants to sell it on Ebay as it's so rare, but I'm a little attached to it already.

I love garage sales. Especially when everyone has something that I want - and cheap as chips.  Op shops are a little more hit and miss for us. And often, there's no really true treasures there because if there was - someone would have already put it into an antique shop with a hefty price tag! Garage sales are where it's at, baby!

a bit of chocolate hunting was had.  Nic swears next year that we will not have the chocolate frenzy.  it wasn't exactly a frenzy, but always seems to send the children into a sugar induced frenzy! I guess that's what you get when they're eating chocolate by 7 a.m.   What do you do about this - do you give in and let them have a massive sugar hit or do you curb it somehow?

the garlic is in.  this year we saved all of the bulbils from the scapes - so that the year after next it will be crazy town garlic around here.  There's also oodles of cloves to keep us in supply again. Sign and fence by Baxter...

And this little miss and her best mate Clyde. Too cute to not take a snap of.

In the kitchen in the last 30 hours we have concocted The MOST beautiful ruby rosy quince jelly, Lamb Stew, Bread rolls for said stew, Feijoa cake, butter and yoghurt.  I'm ready for my cup of Chamomile tea and put my feet up. Love having the kiddos home playing playing playing all day.  School doesn't leave much time for that does it?


Fiona said...

I understand exactly what you're saying about having the kids home ... curse school!
Hope you're keeping well ... a belly photo would be great!

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Love it Amy...happy holidays! We have really tried to keep the chocolate eggs low key and the Easter bunny delivered books with a few eggs this Easter. Kids were happy and didnt question it :)

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Thanks for calling into my blog Amy and for your kind words! I appreciate you making the effort to find me...who knows what happens with blogger sometimes? x

Anonymous said...

Mmmm mouth watering at the thought of your kitchen concoctions!
The Easter bunny/bilby brings toothbrushes, books and winter pjs, as well as a reasonable chocolate delivery to my cherubs. Perfect timing for new jarmies with the nights cooling off here in Gippsland.
ps. Soup bowls are cute too!

lesley said...

Clyde is still the only cat (other than Bonnie) that I hold dear to my heart! Beautiful pictures and story from your amazing life, as usual. Thanks for the smile today :)