Friday, August 31, 2012

Confidence, Elation, Calm

Well, here I am. 37 weeks pregnant.
I have just decided officially today that this precious fourth child is destined to be born at home.
In water. Perhaps even outside.  

I have been trusting in the medical system - of which I have a lot of scepticism and question at all times.  We had an easy 36 weeks, but after booking into the hospital the fear flags have been raised and the system that we know in medicine has taken over.  They have no experience or qualification to have a birth in water.  
No way I can give birth in the water there. The end.

For the weeks leading up to where I am now we have been taking the approach of we'll do what we can.  Yes, birthing pool is fine, and I was confident with it. But the fear and "risk factors" have taken over.  Spiritual journey and trust are no where to be seen on that road.

But this is where the journey was meant to go.
Home.  Where we all belong.

Independent midwife booked. 
Pool picking up tomorrow.
Safe in the arms of my family.
In the care of 2 midwives.
In the support of friends.

That is now where I am.
Ripening and anticipating. Bringing this baby into the world with honour.

That makes me very happy, confident and calm.


Fiona said...

Have been thinking of you Amy. Such exciting times for you all. Am pleased you are feeling at peace with what lies ahead for you. Wishing you all the very best. And what about that picture ... just beautiful.

dixiebelle said...

Best of luck. I hope you have smooth delivery, as close to possible as how you imagine it!

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Beautiful Amy...thinking of you x

Mom said...

I am glad you have it all worked out honey. PLEASE call and let us know you are in labor so we can start the you so much. And the picture...OMGosh! Email it to me please!