Thursday, October 18, 2012

Homebirth of Savannah Bronwyn

Sharing something very special here... 

A sublime memoir and a terribly terribly proud moment in my life when I took control of my body and family and did it my way. At home. x
Super-big love to Lou for capturing it. xx

for slideshow password: paul

Come back here and let me know if you made it without a hanky!



sharon said...

nope, did not make it through without tears and sniffing (I just saw Lou's post, the music made it even more snif worthy) Just lovely, lovely lovely (and congratulations)

Kate said...

Oh Amy, bawling here.
Speechless. Overwhelmed. In awe.
So perfect.

Sharyn said...

Oh WOW, I have tears running down my cheeks as I type....beautiful! I don't think words can do your beautiful pictures justice.
Thankyou for sharing such a beautiful moment. My love to you and your gorgeous family. xxoo

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Oh Amy this is amazing. The photos are incredible, they capture the special moments perfectly. I had goosebumps and a little cry and I have never even met you! Congratulations for doing it your way x

Megs said...

Wow, truly beautiful ...thank you for sharing precious.

dixiebelle said...

Amazing, simply amazing. Thank you so much for sharing such an intimate journey with us.

Michele said...

precious. Just precious (and yes tears) she is beautiful
Love the photos with the big siblings love them all
think my favourites if I could choose would be this black and white one here on your post and one with you kissing her and then one with your other daughter reaching out to touch her. Gorgeous all of them well done S & S perfect

Anonymous said...

Gosh! you are amazing Amy. thank you so much for sharing such beautiful, awesome photos. no, i didn't make it through the slideshow without a hanky. sending you and your family love and hugs.



Love Sundays said...

Wow Amy, yes that did bring me to tears. You are so brave to have a home birth, I never considered it because I was scared to what could possibly go wrong. But those pics showed the most beautiful and amazing experience you must have had. I am so jealous in a nice way of course. We just had our 4th baby 8 weeks ago, and it was the most traumatic birth I have had, it really affected me, the birth of my twins wasn't even comparable to what I went through with Leo. So watching your experience in pics, I think I could have maybe done that. Congratulations on your gorgeous baby girl, enjoy every minute. I have been and loving it, knowing he will be my last. Ren xx

Taz said...

This is just stunning! I have a little 8 week old and your photos took me straight back to when I brought my little mr into the world! So beautiful, thankyou.