Monday, October 8, 2012

One Week

I do declare, we have had a beautiful past week.

My baby girl is now one week old and we are all completely smitten with her.

There has been many moments to savor and cherish.
:: teeny tiny fingers and toes
:: snuffly snorts
:: brotherly and sisterly doting
:: peaceful baths
:: family meals - although most often I prepare it and then sit on the couch feeding while my family and Nanny enjoy it! Not to bother - I'm certainly not going without.
:: itty bitty nappies
:: a couple of outings and coffees
:: lovely messages on the computer
:: a brilliant account of the birth via the amazing Lou (more on this later)
:: beautiful nourishing simple meals prepared by ourselves and 2 dear friends
:: a daddy that gets to see his wife and baby so much more than he would have if we had been stashed away at hospital
:: some very moving moments of respect for having a homebirth
:: the smell of soft velvety newborn hair
:: a bonus 19 hour visit from my bestie (of which in our 12 year friendship have introduced 1 husband and 7 more children over 3 Countries and 3 States and many many smiles and miles and tears...)
:: relishing in those deep eyes while they are open
:: those kisses and cuddles that only a mama and a baby can know that happen at 12, 2 or 4 a.m. 

I was pretty apprehensive about having four children.

I had no idea that the love would just quadruple. 

Lucky us.


Kate said...

Beautiful Amy.
Hugest congratulations to the six of you from us.

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Wow Amy, your recent posts have almost made me want to have another baby...almost! Soft velvety newborn hair nearly moved me to tears. So happy for you x

Fiona said...

Quadruple the love! I just love it!

Julia said...

Congratulations on the safe and happy arrival of your littlest girl. What a precious time in your life and a wonderful surprise gift she has been. So happy for you and your family...and your photo's of her are beautiful. xxx

Mom said...

Sound like a house full of happiness~just as it should be. The way you write and photograph brings us closer to you and your precious family. We love you all so very much.