Tuesday, March 27, 2012

fat jeans

2 weeks prior to finding out I'm preggo again...

I took ALL of my maternity clothes to the op shop. 


I had 3 children and had a wardrobe that suited my pregnant body -- which is not easy to do as I'm 6'3" tall!

Now I am starting to bust out of my pants - and refusing to even try wearing my jeans anymore... 

Time to go maternity shopping.

but wait

What if I just bought a couple pairs of leggings, stretched the crap out of my shirts that I already have and buy a pair of these........?

(diana ferarri)

mmmm.  I might be onto something here...

first fairy visit


after an attempt of a trillion photos - I think we got it covered.
Baxter lost his first tooth!

Oh the excitement when the tooth fairy visited. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

autumn kitchen

I've been meaning to make homemade muesli bars for yonks (the fowlers behind the loose muesli are packed with paper wrapped bars - ready for lunchboxes!)

Seriously, folks. Couldn't have been easier. What are you waiting for?!

I'm not going to include a recipe here - as it was a general trip to my pantry to grab all of the little half eaten bags of nuts and seeds and bits and pieces thrown together and mixed with a warmed peanut butter and honey mixture.  I then tipped it all into my newly refurbished FAN FORCED oven (hurrah for husband and Fermin!) and toasted it for a little while stirring it a couple of times before patting it down in the pan to make it firm.  I cooled it and then cut it up - all the scraggly bits ended up in the above jar and are stupendous atop fresh yoghurt and fruit.  There is no flour here. There is no white sugar here. There are no preservatives here. 

Victory for lunchboxes!

My next job on lunchbox list is to purchase a couple of good old fashioned glass thermos' for warm lunches through the wintertime. Anybody got any suggestions for those?

A couple of early harvested pumpkins are awaiting their fate. My friend Leonie sent me some saved seeds last year - and these are big ol' beauties, let me tell ya!

Apples gifted by a friend as our orchard is having a bit of a down year.

The four quince that I got off my tree this year. Last year we seriously had HUNDREDS. It was quince all Autumn long. This year our lovely returning woofer Fermin decided to make a quince syrup. Which I proceeded to burn this morning in anticipation of topping our sourdough french toast. oops!

Grandma's apple cake has been getting some business around here with tart Granny Smith's

The last smells of summer as the final batch of Blackberry jam has been brewed and bottled.

and this beautiful puppy - fresh mozzarella. Topped our homemade pizza dough with mushrooms and thyme and kalamata olives last-night. Delish.

What's been happening in your kitchen?

BTW - Fermin is Mexican and a professional chef from Italy. He's just left from his third visit with us wwoofing.  He made us Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Yellow Zucchini and Authentic Carbonara the other night. 
Hungry yet?

Oh yes - and we had dinner at the Fishy pub the other night - and Eric Bana walked in - the temperature lifted quite dramatically!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hello there - just a quick note to say....

We're having our fourth and final addition to our family!

Due 27 September (my birthday) - and planning a home birth.

.. let's just say that we were VERY surprised, and to put it mildly - it was a real shock for me, but we're thru all of that now - embarking on week 14... more energy, less sick, feeling much much better than I was during those first 12 weeks.

The shock stemmed from my satisfaction from running and feeling great about my body again (after many years of hosting children - in my belly and on the boob!) and from that moment when all of the kids seem to be quite manageable and happy for the most part.  I had ummed and ahhed about having another baby for 2 years, and within those last 2-3 weeks before I found out - I had made up my mind to not have any more children.  So there was a fair bit of mind challenging time to overcome in the last 13 weeks... Anyway - I'm onto the anticipation, and the realisation that I will have to find a drawer somewhere to pop this little cherub into come September!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

SIX years ago...

I gave birth to this wonderful little treasure - my big boy, Baxter!

Seeing as it's been ages since I've blogged - and I have SO much to catch up on I thought I would just start with today - and save the house painting renos and our latest news to other posts...

So, here's a few snaps of my darling's superb day - started off with pressies and pancakes here - with a visit from Nanny and Grandad - and then we all hauled off to the Waratah Bay Playground for some dinosaur party action. I must say having a birthday party at the playground -- Best. Idea. Ever.   -- It was easy peasy and big fun for all...

So, I leave you with snaps from the day.. Hope you have had a great one as well.
Stay tuned for Paint pics and Big news - coming soon.