Monday, January 28, 2013

Jam Day

Vanilla plum jam.  Our kitchen smells divine! The afternoon yesterday saw us in the Orchard picking the blood plums before the birds massacred them.  In our kitchen today plum cake and jam. 
Already in the pantry we have plain plum jam from our other tree.  Lovely since we have not had a good year for berries. 
Irrigation on the farm... It's our first dry year here at Fish Creek. Nic calls it irritation instead.  I can see his point.
Do you make your plum jam with the songs in or out.  I like the flavor better with stones in for some reason.  A bit more work but worth it. 


Jane @ Shady Baker said...

The cake looks so good Amy x

Mom said...

Amy Elizabeth!!! You are tempting me, little girl. It all looks wonderful, and I can surely understand Nic not wanting to have to do the irritation. Poor guy! I remember helping drag around the thingies in NZ. xxoo

Emma Steendam said...

Mmmmm love me some plum jam. I make blueberry and vanilla jam (ala our wedding favours) which also makes the whole house smell divine. Oh to have an orchard such as yours! One day :)

The Food Sage said...

Love those hand-written labels. Lovely recipe. Lovely blog.

lesley said...

I love the labels too! The little chickadees have great pen-personship :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Your cake looks delicious, also the plum jam, yum. I'm going to be making apricot jam in the near future so looking at yours gives me the incentive to get cooking.
Bronwyn x