Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Salon,

Dear Future Hair Stylist,

Hello, I'm the customer.

I have booked you - the senior stylist for a haircut.

That means that when I ask you to not give me a mullet - you should not give me a mullet.

When I ask for an a-line bob that I can tie up - you should veer away from just a shoulder length hack-job.

If I tell you I'm growing my hair out - please do not layer it up to my earlobes.

I do not want to be triple booked in-between 2 glaring pensioners and 4 children's haircuts.

I also do not want to be there for an hour and fourty five minutes for a haircut or FIVE hours for a cut and colour.

I do not want my hair fried by the chemicals so that it breaks when I try to do anything with it when I get home.

I do not want the apprentice drying my hair and scorching my ears and scraping my neck.

I do not want the apprentice shampooing my hair with limp tissue hands that barely touch my scalp.  Or to just wash the side of my head that they happen to be standing next to - leaving the other side to be washed when I get home.

I do not want the apprentice scalding the ends of my hair with the straight irons.

In fact - I just plain do not want the apprentice near me -- that's why I booked you - the SENIOR stylist - for which I am paying.

For these simple pleasures - I will pay you well and enjoy my quick, accurate hair servicing.  Is this too much to ask!!!!????


I do believe that I have seen the last days of local hair salons. Recommendations for a good stylist in Melbourne would be greatly appreciated.


krystal said...

this is awful! I feel like you need to tell them...sorry I don't have any recommendations in melb, if you are ever in Sydney, my sister is a fantastic hair dresser x

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Oh Amy...I feel your pain. Good luck finding the right salon x

Mom said...

Is this the same salon Dad and I took Gretta and Monty to in that town with a planet name?? Sorry you are not pleased with the outcome. I guess "It will grow out" just isn't going to be the words of comfort you need to hear right now. Love you Honey...

Tasha said...

Oh Amy, sympathies. Our hairdressers double as friends, confidants and psychologists. Hoping you find someone who listens to what you want soon.