Saturday, February 2, 2013

changing times

We have been baking for school lunches and prepping backpacks. 
This photo was of my little girl at home and mine for the last time last week.  A bit bitter and a bit sweet.  Mostly sweet as she's very excited and such a keen learner.

We savoured a lot of sisterly time...


and the big two plotted their days before with a few runs to the shops for shoes and babychinos with mama.

... and then the morning came.  They uniformed up and went out the door and on the bus (mama, dad, baby and little brother followed after in the car...)

She walked right up to the grade 1/2 classroom and demanded to know if it was her classroom.  Not yet, sweetie.  Prep for you this year. 

She came home and plonked on the couch and read 2 readers to me.
Keen. Very keen.
...and Baxter... when asked what happend for his first day of school replied, "not much.  Mum, when does Auskick start again?"  


little king-pin is left at home - busy on the farm and here pictured talking to nanny after the kids left the house.  Look at all that summer boy hair...

and mama enjoyed a halved amount of kid chaos for those 2 days last week.
Now to get some sleep organised for myself!



Fiona said...

I so frequently wish times didn't have to change. Bitter-sweet indeed, but Amy she will thrive, as I'm sure you know. Your children are gorgeous.

Mom said...

Beautiful 1st day of school pics. I can't believe all your babies are getting so big! Love the one with Baxter and Gretta's heads together looking at each sweet. We dream about the next time we get to come over to see y'all. Love you so much.xxoo

Emma Steendam said...

Oh my goodness, what is WRONG with me?! Tears, actual TEARS, welled at that photo of Gretta and Baxter. Oh me oh my.

Do not even get me started on little farmer boy. You know what he does to me.


Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Beautiful photos of your family Amy! This school business is huge isn't it? We are about to launch into our 3rd year of home schooling and I am feeling a little daunted! Happy Sunday to you x

Anonymous said...

Baxter and Gretta look so happy to be heading off to school, hope they are both enjoying it. Savannah & Monty are just gorgeous! Love Kate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, Just looked in. Beautiful photos, love the summer hair on Monty, Baxter & Gretta look very happy to be going to school. Your dinner looks very yummy Baxter made me hungry!Savannah you are growing so fast we will have to be quick to see you still as a baby, gorgeous.
Love Bronwyn x

tea with lucy said...

cluck cluck cluck. look at the chubby bubby. delicious!

rachel xo