Sunday, December 22, 2013

real raw eggnog

It's officially a day of getting things done around here.

First off there was many cuddles, laughs and dancing in the morning by all -

(please play this and attempt to do housework without swaying your hips and shoving your hands in the air with a bit of congo line action thrown in. I dare you.)

--then it was down to business.  Wrapping, Cleaning, caring for poor Monty with a fever, Cleaning, Baking, Making - you know how it is.

Well I've hit the 3 o'clock slump.

Enter a nourishing warm drink on our cool Summer Solstice day.

Real Raw Eggnog:

3 cups raw milk
begin warming on cooktop
add 2T coconut sugar or natural sweetener
1t pure vanilla

mix together:
5 egg yolks
1/2 t cinnamon
and a great big grating of nutmeg

get your kitchen stick mixer into the warmed milk and sugar and make it go as you slowly add the yolks.

Will foam up to perfection.

Serve with a dash of brandy and another good grating of fresh nutmeg.

Then grab ahold of your day again before it's all over.

Off to the kitchen!



Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Sounds like a productive day at your house Amy. I have never had eggnog before, something I need to try one of these days. Thanks for the tunes too x

Emma Steendam said...

I also have never had eggnog, or known anyone to make it! You, m'dear, are of course the exception (because you're exceptional, you see). Today this big ol' farmhouse kitchen has exploded, quite literally with a piping bag meringue incident. I'm rocking around the Christmas tree to a lot of 'happy' pharrell williams because it's cheesy and trashy and gooooooood, and you can grooooove. Of course mixed in with bony m, michael buble carols and rick astley?! lol strange playlist rocking out here

Katie said...

I just can't stomach the thought of eggs in a drink, but my husband loves it. Sounds like our day here - cleaning, baking, entertaining the little babe, and making/wrapping a couple last minute gifts. I'll make my drink a spicy hot chocolate with raw milk!