Thursday, October 1, 2009

Well hello there.

Holy Crap - here I go with a blog! Like I need to do this with 2 toddlers and a 10 week old baby... but... that's life - this is my life, so.....

Hello, my name is Amy.


Leonie Guld said...

Hello, Hello....oh wow Congratulations!!!!! Yeh, Welcome to blogland. It is soooooo good to see you here!!!! Yell out if you need any help!!! We are going to have so much fun together!!!

Tiff said...

Hi, Amy
Your blog is fab!
Thanks for sharing Monty's birth story, it's truly beautiful and I got all goosebumpy! You know, I wish I'd been more switched on when I had my babies. I worked out after the second birth that it was the hormone injection that made me so ill post delivery. So why didn't I ask them not to give it to me on my third run? I know not.... Anyway, it's wonderful to read of your empowerment with giving birth. I'd love to have the experience again myself. The third time showed me that I could trust my body and my instincts, intuition... It's an awesome feeling isn't it?!

Hope Gretta and Baxter are feeling happier again and that the wind has stopped being so naughty!
Cool breeze wishes....
Tiff xoxo