Saturday, October 31, 2009

birth stories...

Just caught up with a friend that had an amazing birth last weekend - welcome to the world little Jagger! She is so proud and wants to shout it from the rooftops - just like I did after giving birth to my Monty. And we got to talking about how we need to SHARE our amazing birth stories so that other women might have some sort of hope of having a peaceful, blissfull birth that is not centred around FEAR.
I have not written my birth stories - the first two were not so great, but I feel compelled to write all of them now - even tho the B&G's are getting hazy. So... watch this space. I'll share one day soon.
And be sure to have your socks on tightly when I tell you about Monty's, because it might just try to knock them off!

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Kate Bruning said...

Amy - I love your blog and I miss Australia!!! I was really lucky and had two good births at home in a birthing poo. I have to say New Zealand is a wonderful country to have babies in where you develop a really stong relationship with one midwife who you see all the way through your pregnancy and then are guarunteed to have her there at the birth too. Water births for me were amazing but I was completely prepared to go into hospital in town if there were any complications. Hope you are having a delicious weekend.