Thursday, October 15, 2009

Roma Sale - Parents - Beach

Ahhh - been away at Roma for our 1st Bull Sale there.  Went well - glad I had Mom and Dad to help a little with the kiddos - bidding for bulls with a toddler, infant, and 3 year old on your lap isn't an easy task! Nic did well putting together the sale - hope for some more buyers next year! Gretta told off the agent when he was taking bids. Too funny.  She also had a few scoffing words for the bulls if they looked at her. Off to soak in the sun at the beach and farewell my parents next week - shall return with the inlaws and hopefully with some rest! (Shouldn't complain - my 12 week old baby is sleeping thru to 4 or 5 every night now!)

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