Monday, January 11, 2010

devilish fritters eeeek!

Apparently these are the devil.
According to the little Miss.

After 2 weeks away eating mostly CRAP while we were away... We are all feeling a bit diminished of nutrients... so I have been cooking today. We've had our doses of Cod Liver Oil and have had our Monavie juices and our Olive Leaf extracts... And just when I put something that does not resemble a sandwich or a chip, SHE bucks the system.

She was served our homegrown Zucchini Fritters for lunch.
She Refused Them.

She asked for a banana after her afternoon nap but was refused and I gave her the fritters.
She Refused Them.

She was served her fritters for dinner tonight.
She Refused Them (even with homemade chocolate pudding as bribery for dessert! (which by the way worked a charm for the big boy!))

By the morning she will be on 24 hours without food. I think I had better get my skates on in the morning and get the child some food quick smart or else I think I will have a very CRANKY pants running the show.

Do you think I should offer her the fritters again?

Am I a bad mother?
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Copper Patch said...

That's a tough one. I definitely would have eaten them for the dessert that was on offer!

Mom said...

Nope, not a bad mother! She made her choices. BUT children have different taste buds than adults and food sometimes tastes stronger to them. This is not to say that you should feed her junk food....even when away from home except for a special treat, but you will probably be feeding the family something different today. Let her eat that, and try making the fritters again soon and give her another chance. I think I read that you have to present foods that a child first rejects several times before they will give it a try. Then, keep in mind when you are away from home to not give in to the goodies very often. Just because they sell chips doesn't mean she has to have them.....I can hear the screams from here :)
Love you all, and good luck! She's just like you.....have I already mentioned that??

Sarah said...

FINALLY it is about time a mum sticks to her guns! She will not starve herself. Um next day I say start fresh. Offer her usual food for breakie and pretend it never happened - not even a mention...

Really pleased to see a mum stick to her word! I do as you do and at times it gosh makes you go in a spin. You are doing great.

Jelly Wares said...

You're definitely not a bad Mum... I would be offering the fritters again for sure, if she's hungry she'll eat them, right???

Jodie :)