Sunday, January 10, 2010

hello again!

tidal river tree
We have returned home from a magic trip south. Spent time with old friends, met new friends, and had a lovely time together. There was a lot of driving and the littlies took it like champs - except for a little (but long) stint from Parkes to Dubbo with a screaming baby, it was all pretty good! The kids think it's Christmas all over again upon returning home to all of their long lost toys and Chrissy pressies that were unwrapped, looked at for a few hours and then left in this empty house when we left on boxing day. I am still on Victoria time and fed monty at 4 a.m. and now having quiet time with my cup of English Breakfast in my teacup from my big boy with the washing machine running and the kidlets and hubby sleeping restfully in the background. It's good to be home.
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