Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Need v Want

Okay. How awsome would it be to have your very own digital vintage Monogramed initials? Imagine what you could do with them!

There is a very (obsessed?) clever lady, Cathe Holden has compiled MANY vintage Monogramed initials and will do yours too! She also has a wicked blog - Just Something I Made.

I think this would make a very clever gift.
I would love to have a set, but we are budgeting....
But I did have to omit the budgeting yesterday as my favorite shop, Nutmeg Home in Goondiwindi is having a sale. And there's been this little Teak glass-fronted Cupboard that I have wanted for A VERY LONG TIME! The price never suited me, but they did me a great deal yesterday and it just HAD to come home with me. 
It just had to.


Sara R. said...

C'mon girl! You can't say you got a new something and not post photos! Especially if nullified the family budget!

Amy Paul said...

Small issue on the photo front.. My charger for my camera is on a truck somewhere in Australia between Victoria and Queensland (I HOPE!) along with my husbands laptop and various other charging leads and such. Will post a pikky when my camera is on board once again. You don't realize how much you need your camera until you're without it for a few days!

Sarah said...

Looking forward to seeing the picture... When you see something you really like and know would be perfect and functional.... and then a great deal! Was meant to be!