Wednesday, May 26, 2010

back home.

We are home.
Completely and utterly exhausted from the 24 hours of travelling with 3 small children, but home.

We had such a wonderful visit to the states.
This photo is from a flag from 18 something at the State Capitol in California. Nic really wanted to schmooze with Arnie, but we didn't bump into him. I have more amazing snaps from our little tour with Monty in the backpack and my mate, Val at our side from the big white building..

For now, we are in a sleepy mode (except that I was wide eyed and bushy tailed at 3:45 this morning) and letting the crashes happen today when needed. Nic is at the farm milking.

Zoom had 3 feeds thru the night lastnight. And on the 3rd one I realized that I just need to go with the flow instead of freaking out about what sort of sleep schedule he will have now that we are home.  There is an amazing amount of power in acceptance. My heart feels lighter. Afterall - he won't be breastfed forever, will he??

We have brought back home with us...

cherished memories with family and friends
a stack of fabric that will make you squeal.
Copious amounts of clothes.
Copious amounts of snot from our "family cold"
My great grandfather's pocketwatch.
My great grandmother's teacup, thimble, and postcard collection.
300 odd photographs.
My great grandmother's flour sifter.
A lot of ideas.
A deeper connectivity with friends.
A stronger bond with family.
a MOUNTAIN of washing.

We have returned home to...

 a happy and healthy, well looked after herd and farm.
a bit of rain.
a clean house
a warm nourishing meal from Bev
our beds.

xx Amy


Sara said...

Welcome Home! It was wonderful to see you again and to meet Nic and your adorable little ones!
Get some rest, the washing can wait!
Love to all- Sara R. & family

Sarah said...

Welcome home! Yes you are right - just let it all happen in time... IT will all come together soon. YOu are amazing to take three young children there and back.

Kelly said...

I enjoyed looking at your holiday snaps, looks like you and your family had a wonderful time.

Butterfly Mama said...

Welcome Home! No doubt your little ones will be back in the swing of it in no time so dont let it worry you. I loved all your photos of US and can't wait to see the pics of your fabric! I found an old-fashioned, gorgeous sew shop in Brisbane this week and I literally was squealing when I walked in!! Small things in life! :) Han X

Emma said...

Wow - can't believe you have all that cool stuff from great grandparents! That is really cool. Welcome home - we have Monty's birthday bash tomorrow, I'm going to ride my horse over the hill to the bonfire, hoping for Liv's sake it doesn't rain :(