Tuesday, May 4, 2010


pretty stinkin' cute ratbag with insomnia issues.

how could something THIS cute be such a little rascal? I am about to board a plane for 15+ hours with THIS on my lap.
Wish me luck and may the force be with me.

ya right.


Butterfly Mama said...

Monty you are soooo cute - I can't even imagine you being a ratbag! But as most babies will agree with you.....Sleep is for Sissies! Have fun in USA! xx

Ellieboo said...

A cute ratbag - that is a perfect description for the little people in our life. Love it and love the picture too - wish I could give a squeeze through the computer

Anonymous said...

He is so gorgeous!! Have a great time in USA with your family Amy. Good luck for the flight! Love Kate.

Emma said...

God speed! Oh dear.