Monday, May 31, 2010

Chookie Goodness?

We set out on our adventure on Saturday to a good place.  There's a long time fella getting out of the egg business and is keen to share his knowledge with us and sell us his 2nd hand equipment.  There's a questionmark at the end of my title because there is A LOT to do in a very short amount of time before these little ladies come home to us. And they're ready to start laying pretty much now.
And 3 of those big fella's up top are set to come home with us too - 2 bitches and a Male.  They aren't so keen on Foxes and Eagles and they are the hen's gaurdian dogs.  Our Chook fella prides himself on his dogs and we felt comfortable around them. Before that I've been shit scared of them because they can be a bit aggressive. I've rejected on Male that I didn't feel right on and will get the other three.  Without them - we'll loose our hens.

This is what happens when you don't strap the little bugger in.  What else is a 10 month old meant to do if you plonk some music makers in front of him and his eggs aren't ready yet??

I made this Babushka doll shirt for the Moo before we went to the states.  The doll is linen - and I have a few more of these up my sleeves for some special little girlies in our lives. She has the shirt paired with her ultra favourite flippy skirt and rainbow leggings.  The beanie is far too small for her but she still insists on it. Red patent leather shoes top the look off.

"Not so sure, Dad!" I love this picture. He's so concentrated.

Do your kids love eggs as much as  mine?? I'm glad we will have a herd of them and will be consuming their Biodynamic goodness before we know it!

Have a happy day. xx


Anonymous said...

Great to see you are all back home safely! How eggciting!! new chooks and dogs, I love the way these dogs look after the chooks. Good luck with it all, send some cool weather our way would ya.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home-WOW straight into business, no stopping you guys now. Loving all the ideas, Maremmas are also great with kids, when they get to know them. (very protective). The girls are oogling over the kids photos (especially at Monty) Talk soon LOL T

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, everything is coming together for you guys! The dogs look gorgeous, I thought they would like to eat hens rather than protect them! Good that the kids love eating eggs as I'm sure you'll have plenty. Good luck getting everything sorted before the hens arrive. Take care, love Kate.

Leonie Guld said...

Oh...I have been meaning to catch up with you....Your trip looks fantastic, the chooks are sensational and thanks for the link!!! I bet you are glad to be back home and settling in. Good to have you home xx