Saturday, September 4, 2010

meet "dilly"

Hello, my name is Dilly.
I was finally named and revamped today.

She had a dodgy eye and no clothes, but was/is a very close "2nd place" to her very loved bunny that is MIA at the moment.
Gretta has been begging me for ages to make her some clothes.
It felt good to take 15 minutes to make this cute little dress for her.  And to indulge my child in something that she was so very excited for.
I will have to indulge all of them a little more from now on.  I've been a bit stingy with my time being caught up with bookwork/accountants/banks/chooks/eggs/marketing/home renno planning/flu.
It felt really good.

Have a happy day. Glad our fam and friends are okay in NZ. xx


Anonymous said...

Dilly is gorgeous Gretta, we love her new dress, love your cousins Georgia and Hannah.

Mom said...

BUNNY IS MIA?????? Oh no!!! Need to find her quick!! Dad and I were just talking about her 2 nights ago. Dilly IS a very cute playmate for Gretta and Bunny. Good work again sweetie. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Dilly looks beautiful Gretta. I'm sure she will be your constant companion. Love Nanny

Kelly said...

Aww, how cute!