Tuesday, September 14, 2010

seeing red

Shed door and mailbox - Flame Red - check.

old bench pulled out of in-law's shed many years ago...

white and primed ready to go.  Can't decide to leave it white, paint it red, or make a cute little cushion to tie on it.  I have some great fabric from our trip to the states, so I think the latter will win out.

Little wooden chair from a dilapidated house in NZ many years ago - painted "bedazzled"

...Now just 2 wardrobes to paint, a superb little towel cupboard I snapped up at the Southern Bazaar, and I'm sure I'll find a couple more things to do before I lay down my paintbrush.

We will be working on the farmhouse as of next week. Hurrah! It will be amazing to actually be living there.  There's a bit of painting to be done first.. and floor-coverings, and a kitchen to put in...  Might be a busy month ahead of us.

And a little Note to Self for Monty....

Teeth are not for smooching.  
No, but holding your mama firmly by her ears, hair or cheeks,
opening wide with a good line of drool coming out of your gob and saying arrraaagh
while smothering me in slobber makes me laugh uncontrollably until I can escape the full on Monty kiss.

Better work on your finesse a bit before you start looking for a girl to smooch.  
I'm not sure she'll think it is as funny!


Kelly said...

Love the red shed door, thats awesome!

Anonymous said...

I recognise that bench seat! You've done a great job painting the door red, very bright! Good luck for your renovating, it will be so much easier for you guys when you are living on the farm. Talk later, Kate.

Jelly Wares said...

I love, love, love the red shed door and that pic of the chook in front of it is just divine...

Hugs - Jodie :)

Emma said...

Matt and I having *ahem* 'heated discussions' about some shed wall painting choices at our new house - you have totally inspired me with the red! I'll show him tonight.
Liv's bench seats in the gallery just got spruced up with some GORGEOUS long cushions in this lovely Belgium linen. They are yummy!