Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 Sydney Peace Prize

While driving home last night - kids in tow - after arguing the "Organic ways" with the fuel man... Triple J had a most interesting woman on Hack.

Dr. Vanesh Shiva was in Australia last night accepting the 2010 Sydney Peace Prize. And so very deservedly so.  She is an inspiration and is changing the world as we know it.  She has set up seed banks throughout India to save the seeds of yesterday.

If you don't know - Monsanto owns over 90% of the cotton crops in India. There used to be over 1500 varieties of cotton grown there. That is just a drop in the bucket in this war that GMO's have waged on the world.  We must stand up. We MUST fight this domination by such a money hungry, controlling, disease spreading villain we all know as Monsanto and it's cronies.

We as consumers, mothers, and human beings on this planet need to take fight by NOT buying or supporting GMO's.

Just so you know - Canola is the only crop in Australia that is GMO.  If you use Canola oil (which is rancid WELL before being bottled...) you are supporting GM.

Hmm. I wonder what kind of oil your local fish and chips shop uses? Care to find out?

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