Sunday, November 21, 2010


How is it possible to be so very smitten with such a little blondie boo? He makes it irresistible. He really does. What's not to love? His cheeky antics, his incredibly dimpled chin, his wild sense of discovery, his tenacity, his blubbery cheeks and thighs. 
Love it. Love it all to bits.

He looked out and pointed and said "tree" this morning. Then he paused and said "aliens."
He had us in fits of laughter. He was squealing, very pleased with himself.

...and loves a good mud hole - as any self respecting boy does.


Sarah said...

Oh isnt it lovely when they start speaking real words! I often wonder if I hear The Little Man right... Lucky family is around to confirm what I thought I heard!

Mom said...

That's our little Monty. Just want to squeeze him!
I was checking flights again tonight....dreaming.

Corrie said...

he is sooooooooooooo cute and all that blonde hair! adorable!


Kate said...

Hi is adorable and those cheeks!

Jelly Wares said...

Now he is just the cutest little treasure I think I've seen in a while... I'm loving that white as white hair, just gorgeous...

Jodie :)

tea with lucy said...

... and that toothy little grin!