Sunday, February 20, 2011


I think any person that has ever grown their own food has a huge amount of gratitude for the abundance that the land offers us.  

 I just went out to the veggie patch to collect my corriander and mustard green seeds and noticed that my onions needed plucking out of the patch.  

We've been picking copious amounts of blackberries round here.  There's been many 'a ' crumbles devoured in these parts lately.  And there's been much sharing too.

we've even managed to put a few in the freezer.  I think I'll have to be a bit more disciplined on doing that to preserve for the winter time vitamin C hit. We're just being greedy at the moment.

these have been pickled.
My kids gobble up beetroot (much to my mother's disgust!) - what a powerhouse of nutrients.  

my Grandmother's apple cake recipe is one of the favourites of the children at the moment. Good thing because we have at least 7 apple trees here at the house and about 15-20 more in the paddocks.

Pears and kiwifruit are on their way from the old house block. Pumpkins have ransacked my lower veggie patch and we've realized that tomatoes really like to climb around in the pumpkins.  I hope we get a bumper crop because there's nothing I like more on a cold winter's day than a hot bowl of Pumpkin Soup. 
We also have a cattle beast to put in the freezer over the next few weeks.  

and.... Look at this little Ukrainian beauty...
(bless you ebay!)

Oh cream! Glorious cream!!

I've already whipped up a batch of AMAZING gobbled up ice cream - using all our own BioDynamic milk and cream and eggs.  I've got yoghurt culturing in the Fowlers - I do a giant batch and then drain whey on a lot of it to make thick yoghurt and yoghurt cheese (like a very firm cream cheese). The kids like to take a little pottle of homemade yoghurt with a few blackberries plonked in it for their lunchbox treat.

Abundant and blessed are we.



Tanya said...

Hooray for wonderful produce. The Ukranian beauty looks fabulous!

Julia said...

Wow Amy! You're cetainly living the good life on that farm of yours. How blessed you are. x

Jellywares said...

What a gorgeous post Amy!!!
I love the last picture.. What an awesome contraption, gotta love Ebay!!!

I'm curious, how does it work???

Jodie :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Yum, Yum & Yum. All looks very delicious,lucky you for having such lovely produce on site. We are also lucky to have organic strawberries for sale near us, I have put some in the freezer to make jam at a later date. Talk soon.
Love Bronwyn (Nic's Mum NZ)