Monday, February 14, 2011

just another day of love for us...

Hello and happy Monday.
As some of you know... I grew up in the States.  And I love holidays. However, this is one holiday that I can honestly say I really think is crap.  The above sentiment is my sentiment exactly.  I'm so glad someone put it so eloquently.  Perhaps if it wasn't so commercial it would actually mean something.

I do have one memory though - my mom gave me a heart shaped tin with chocolates in it when I had first started school.  I was very proud of it and brought it on the bus whereby a heathen of a high-schooler smashed it. My best friend, Lizzie's brother told him off for it and fixed it and handed it back to me.  It felt nice that my momma loved me and my best friend's brother had the guts to stand up for me.

I really do miss Thanksgiving though.

My little girl has just gone off to her first day at 3 year old Kinder.  She was terribly excited. I on the other hand am not. It's actually quite a pain in the bum to toddle her off to kinder from 9:30 to 12:30.  Three hours and one third of that time is spent eating.

Do you like the skirt that I whipped up for her lastweek? She's yummylicious in it. And of course her Hello Kitty backpack from Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Roneita all the way from the USA.

My Monday is spent at our magical little Learning Group at Koonwarra.
This is the teepee that Baxter and I made from some branches... The kids loved bringing their projects out to set up under it.

This is where the kids will go to school in the future. We can go when we want and leave when we want. The food we bring is Organic and we share. We spend the day doing what the children want to do. We learn numbers, play games, ride bikes, take bush walks, interact with each-other, make school decisions.... I'm beginning to wonder if she might have a more fulfilling day coming with her brothers and I to the Learning Group and skipping out on 3 year old Kinder.  I am taking her with me for the first time this afternoon, and I will ask her what she wants to do and let her know that she can do whichever one she wants to do.

Anyway.... Off to do the kid stuff. Am a bit gutted because we cannot get a time slot that works for swimming lessons to suit us. They've been going SO well.  Maybe it's time I jumped in the pool with them and continue?

How's you week starting out?


Emma said...

Couldn't agree more with your V.Day 'sentiments' LOL! Matt just brought me a heart shaped potato from the paddock, that's ok, at least he didn't buy it! Thanksgiving holiday intrigues me...foreign! And I am relatively 'local' and don't know about this amazing 'school' of sorts. Great community it would seem down there in south gippy!

Mom said...

On that happy Valentine note, did the kids get their cards? I mailed them a little late.
Gretta looks lovely in her first day of Kinder outfit. I hope she had fun, but I know it is hard to juggle everything.
Baxter's school pics are great. It will be interesting to know how things progress there. It sounds like you might be quite involved. Good for you, honey.
Too bad if you don't like it...Happy Valentine's Day!

Tanya said...

so nice that your 'mom' writes blog comments. I love the skirt. I had my first thanksgiving in November and I really really liked it, didn't seem that commercial (well, there were a few odd blow up turkeys on nature strips!)- seemed very genuine.

Sarah said...

I loved your moms comments..

I still like to have excuses to bring a bit of heart to our home. Nothing commercial just some GIRLY heart (grin).

Fiona said...

Couldn't agree with you more Amy, on the whole Valentine's Day front! Love is so much more than chocolate and flowers one day a year!
Love the whole schooling concept you're embracing ... and how gorgeous is that little girl of yours!?!