Sunday, February 6, 2011

muffins and BF love

I've got this friend named Jen.
I've been using her banana cake recipe for more than 10 years now.
It's the best banana cake recipe out there (however I use 1/2 the sugar nowadays)

Jen is also the my best friend. Always there. No Matter What.

We met in Richmond QLD - I was fresh off the bus from Townsville, she was fresh to town with her brand new baby boy, Sam. That baby boy has just started boarding school. OMG.

There have been 6 births since then between us. One wedding, a couple of Christenings and Naming Days, Many Many hugs and smiles and phone calls. She fills my cup and makes me want to be the best person I can be. We cluck over babies together, get giddy about beautiful things and little people together, share recipes, secrets and wonderful moments together. She also serves up arse kickings when needed. I do the same, and although a good telling off can sometimes be difficult to endure (for both of us) we ALWAYS know that comes from love and care.  

We were fortunate enough to live only 3ish hours from eachother for a few years while we lived in Queensland - after nurturing our friendship across 2 continents and 3 countries (we can't call New Zealand a "continent" now can we??!)  

We have been putting off making a will because we always came to the part where we have to name guardian's and have struggled. Jen and Chook are our children's Godparents (all 3) and I guess we always sort of thought that they would take care of the kids if needed.... but then so many kids came along from both of us and would make it 7 children total if (God Forbid!) something were to happen to any of us.  

Well, as easy as anything, we have decided to make them the official guardians of our children after a very clear and loving message came from Jen today that they would love to be their (official) guardians.  It is such a difficult thing - you know... to think about.  

Above all, we KNOW fully and well that our children would be unconditionally loved  if they were ever put into their care.  It certainly wouldn't be a walk in the park with 7 kids, but they would do it with love and respect for each child. We are very grateful, and it has put my mind at ease.

It gives my heart a teeny tiny bit of heartache knowing that there are several hours separating us now, but deep down, I know it doesn't matter because we always love each other and will always see each other every so often... But I do miss her.

... my goodness - this photo doesn't even include all of us!! Montyzooma wasn't here yet!



Fiona said...

Beautiful post Amy.
True friendships are few and far between, which makes them all the more valuable.
(By the way, I absolutely love your blog).

Jen Kealey said...

I feel unconditionally loved and very honoured by your posting. What a walk down memory lane to see all those photos. with love from me and mine to you and yours. jen xx

sharon said...

I stumbled across your blog from Fiona's, and as I read this post, I was "my goodness, hey I know that Jen!" my husband has been great friends with her family for many many years...small world! I'll be sure be back to visit again! (and Hi Jen! xox)

Kelly said...

Jen sounds so beautiful ♥ having a best friend like that makes the world a better place!

Hannah McNulty and Baby Moo said...

What is life without friends. Loved your post. X

Anonymous said...

I will be making that banana cake one day soon, sounds yum! Great to have photos of your families together, love Kate

Fiona said...

Amy, just had to let you know I wrote out Jen's recipe yesterday, doubled it and ended up with 2 ring cakes and 12 muffins (of which none remain).
Beautiful cakes.
Will be a regular on our smoko menu hereafter.
So thankyou for sharing.

Georgie Love said...

I love best friend stories. Mine lives in the US, so meeting is infrequent, but emails are daily. Thank goodness for technology! :-)

I USED that recipe and it was delicious! Thanks Amy and Jen!