Thursday, May 26, 2011

time marches on...

How much longer will I be able to squash them all in the tub for a scrub all together?
How in the world are we chugging almost half of 2011 away?
Stay small and innocent, my babes. Forever.


Fiona said...

I have a beautiful photo of my four in the tub Amy. And believe me, it's the one thing that doesn't get easier as they grow. I spend the better part of my evening calling kids into the shower, then hollering to get them out! Enjoy your babes!
(On a more positive note, since my first was born I've been wanting to freeze every moment, every stage, but let me tell you, all the stages are precious, no matter what the age).

Anonymous said...

Oh I know what you mean...we look at our 18 and 16 yo sons and think about how is seems only a few mere years ago that they were snuggling in our arms :)

Mom said...

Bathtub pictures are so precious. I see tea is still being served too! It does look a bit tight in that tub. When they do outgrow it, we'll still be able to squeeze them into the six-footer here! Bring 'em on over!